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Kevin Fontana is a well-known American personality for being the husband of an author and actress named ‘Bern Nadette Stanis’. Bern Nadette is known for her role as ‘Thelma Evans’ in an American television sitcom named Good Times. “Good Time” was screened from 1974 – 1979 (Six seasons) on television. Along with her acting career, Bern Nadette Stanis has also been an author of various books such as The Good, For Men Only, Situations 101: Relationships, Situations 101: Finances, The Bad & The Ugly, and The Last Night. So above given is a little introduction about Kevin Fontana wife “Bern Nadette Stanis”. Today we will discuss a lot about Kevin Fontana and Bernadette Stanis in this article.

You will get to know about Kevin Fontana, Kevin Fontana wife Bernadette Stanis, Terrence Redd, Anna Maria Horsford husband, Bern Nadette Stanis children, Dior Ravel, and Bern Nadette Stanis net worth in this article.

Let’s give a quick look at Kevin Fontana bio.

There is little information available about Kevin Fontana Wiki/bio. The information about Kevin Fontana like his Date of birth, Age, Zodiac sign, Height, Weight, Parents, and other information. Let’s have a quick look at the available information on Kevin Fontana bio.

Name Kevin Fontana
Date of birth No information
Age  No information
Place of birth America
Height No information
Weight No information
Ethnicity No information
Nationality American
Zodiac sign No information
Occupation No information
Spouse Bern Nadette Stanis
Relationship status Married
Instagram No information

What about Bern Nadette Stanis children?

Coming at Bern Nadette Stains children, Bern Nadette Stanis has been married four times in her lifetime. Bern has two children. The first children she got from her third marriage in 1982, and the name of her first daughter is Dior Ravel. The second daughter she got from her current husband (Kevin Fontana) in 1995, and the name of her second daughter is Brittany. According to some sources, Dior Ravel is into modelling and author. And Brittany is a college student and want to become a gynaecologist. Above-given is the information about Bern Nadette Stains children.

Who is Terrence Redd?

Terrence Redd was the third husband of Bern Nadette Stains. They both got married on January 13, 1979, and their marriage survived for two years only. Terrence Redd was known to be a mechanical engineer by profession and is married to Kathleen Bradley currently. Whereas Bern Nadette is married to Kevin Fontana at present.

Who is Anna Maria Horsford, and Who is Anna Maria Horsford husband?

Anna Maria Horsford is a well-known television and film actress in America, and she has been active in this field since 1967. some of her films are Friday, Times Square, Our Family Wedding, A Madea Christmas, and many others. Anna is also known for her role in the television series named The Bold and Beautiful.

Coming at Anna Maria Horsford husband, she is married to Daniel Wolf. No information is available about Anna Maria Horsford husband (Daniel Wolf).

Who is Dior Ravel?

Dior Ravel is the first daughter of Bern Nadette Stains and was born in 1982 from the third marriage of Bern with Terrence Redd. Dior Ravel is into modelling and author.

Kevin Fontana Photos

Below given are some of Kevin Fontana photos.

What is Bern Nadette Stains net worth in 2021?

Bern Nadette has been active since 1974 in her acting career. She has made a lot from her writing career also. So it will not shock or surprise you that Bern Nadette Stains net worth is around 6 million USD in 2021 and counting. Bern has done almost 9 movies, 10 television series, and 1 music video in her acting career. Along with this, she has written several books as an author.

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