Best ways to earn WoW TBC gold thru TBC Farming.

Having WoW TBC Classic gold is going to be very advantageous to you throughout your time in the expansion. Not only will it help you find WoW TBC Classic items and get through Burning Crusade power leveling, but it’s a great way to help you prepare for what lies ahead. There are a fair few ways in which you can earn gold for the expansion, which we will be discussing here.


If you don’t want to have to resort to finding a source to buy TBC gold, then crafting is a good option for you to take. You will be able to make your own consumable items that you can either use yourself or sell on to make gold.

One of the new additions to TBC is Jewelcrafting. If you did want to engage in WoW TBC power leveling with this, then you might find that it is going to cost you a lot. Alternatively, you could try to use Tailoring instead, since you can easily get your hands on cloth. This skill also allows you to make bags, which are incredibly useful not only to yourself, but also to those you sell them to. In particular, you can use WoW TBC Classic items like Spellcloth with this to make decent amounts of WoW TBC gold.


Should the prospect of having to craft items not appeal to you, then there are gathering professions that you can opt to pursue instead. Any of the gathering professions are good for you to use, and you can make the most of Jewelcrafting since its new and demand will be very high from players. Keep an eye on the Auction House for players who want to purchase materials so that they can craft for themselves.

If this does sound appealing to you, then try playing as a Druid. When it comes to TBC power leveling, you can use herbalism since you can gather herbs whilst in flight form. This means that when you are going from node to node, you can do so without having to stop.

Make the Most of Your Bag Space

If you are going to make a success of this method, then you’re going to need to be able to use your bag space wisely. This is particularly true if you have been working in a gathering profession. As you will notice, the space in your bag will get taken up by materials fast, and it isn’t convenient to have to go back and forth to a bank or Auction House to get rid of these items. So, you need to keep your bags as clear as possible.

To help with this, you could make a separate character. This means that you can stand them by a bank and mailbox so that you can transfer items back and forth quickly. You won’t have to spend time TBC power leveling them up to 70 either. With the lack of an Auction House in Outland, you should make the most of having another character to help you with selling.

Using the Auction House

We have mentioned the Auction House a few times already, and knowing how to use it well is going to make all the difference. You can do so by knowing what is sought after in the server that you are in. Knowing how to use your time will also make a difference in how much gold you make. For example, you could consider going after Primals, which are more than likely going to help you earn a fair amount of WoW TBC gold. That being said, it is going to take you a long time in order to get your hands on them. Therefore, you can make more use of this time to earn WoW TBC Classic gold elsewhere.

Even so, you can still use the Auction House to sell WoW TBC items that you don’t need at regular intervals during your adventures. You aren’t going to have to spend as much time this way, and you can just sell whenever you feel you need to. How much you make from this depends entirely on the market and what items you have. But knowing what is in demand is very useful if you want to earn a steady amount of coins.

So if you’re having a hard time coming up with ways to make WoW TBC gold in the game, then hopefully these methods will be of some use to you. Just keep an eye on how the market is moving and you will be sure to make the gold that you’re looking for. Before you know it, you’ll have that coveted mount that you have been dreaming of.

Have you used these WoW TBC farming methods? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Last modified: August 31, 2021

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