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Dart games are a very creative and competitive sport in which two or more players can use sharp pointed darts at their target on a dartboard. Playing dart games is also an art that’s why dart players are termed as “dartists”.The first played dart game was in the 1860s in the United Kingdom. Points can be scored by hitting specific marked areas of the board. This is a great assessment game ,and it is invented and used by Junior Darts Corporation (JDC) to grade the players for their Academies. The game has three parts. If you’re a big fan of laptop gaming check out these best gaming chairs under 100.

1.Shanghai 10-15 – Three darts on each number.

2. 1-20+BULL – One dart on each.

3.Shanghai 15-20 – Three darts on each number

Everybody wants to be expert at darts, and getting expert comes through practice. But just mindlessly throwing darts at the board is not going to get you as far along as if you put a plan behind your training. Everything requires practice, knowledge and training.

I have put together a list of some of the best dart games that help players learn their way around the board, improve accuracy, and most importantly, have fun.

  1. BASEBALL DARTS-Not to be confused with Dartball, baseball darts can be played on a regular board. It is an around the board type variant that has you aiming at different numbers each round or in this case, “inning.”

Rules of Baseball dart :-

In baseball dart rules, each player takes turns throwing their three darts at the number associated with that inning. So in the first inning, all darts should be thrown at the number 1 on the dartboard. A hit in the single section scores 1 run, the double is worth 2 runs, and the triple is worth 3. If a dart hits outside of the 1 is worth 0.Once all players have had their chance at the number 1, the inning is over, and you move onto the second where the number 2 becomes the scoring target. This continues until you have completed a total of 9 innings.The player or team with the highest score at the end of the 9th inning wins.

This is a excellent dart game for beginners those who wanted to get trained .

  • Killer Dart –Each player is assigned a number on the board then the other players take turns trying to eliminate them by hitting their number. In standard play, you have to hit the double multiple times to out the player, but the rules can be changed according to skill level.

Rules of Killer Dart :-

Players throw a dart with their non-dominate hand to determine their number. No two players can have the same number.

•  Each player has three lives, once your double is hit three times you’re out of the game.

•  Once you hit a double of your number you become a killer. A Killer can take lives from all players, including other Killers.

•  The last person with lives left wins the game.

The beginner can easily try this .  

  • SHOOTING GALLERY-The Shooting Gallery is a great MICO-factor game that will sharpen your finishing skills. Use a maximum of 9 darts to finish the scores in a 01-game style, from 121 to 130. If you finish the score within 3 darts you get 12 points compared to 1 point for finishing with 9 darts. Try to improve your total points for each session.

4.20, 19, & bullseye-This one isn’t really a game. It’s more a method of practice. If you only have a few minutes and want to get some quality practice time in, try to aim for just the 20, 19 and Bullseye.These are the highest-scoring numbers on the dartboard and the most common targets in 01 games. So, it goes without saying that any aspiring dart player should become very comfortable with these target numbers.To make it fun, take 10 shots at the 20 and record how many times you hit it in a column. Then do the same in separate columns with the 19 and bullseye.After 10 shots of each, start a new row and try to beat your previous round. You can keep adding rows to see how your skill progresses.

5.Consecutive 301 Games-When playing 301 by yourself, you follow the same rules as a normal game. But you have the luxury of continuous play, so the practice benefits can be huge.Play a game of 301 and try to double-out as quickly as possible. When you double-out, start the next game right away by subtracting those points.This way you remain focused in the mindset of subtracting from 301 as efficiently as possible with common 3-dart or 2-dart out combinations.This dart game is difficult for beginners only advanced players can try this .

This game is a combination of work and fun . Playing dart game requires focus , hardwork and interest. Their should be a postive mindset because if you’re always thinking about the worst possible outcome, then it will likely happen. Always try to meditate yourself and then make your shot because your each shot is countable .

Thank you for reading.

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Last modified: August 27, 2021

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