Best Simple Interior Design Alternative Housing Ideas

If you think that your living space is due for some design updates and you don’t have a hefty amount for the same, then you have come to the right place. With some clear, simple interior design ideas, you can get the job done at much lower rates. Right from changing the accent wall style to adding some colorful light bulbs, there are multiple alternative housing ideas you can give out a try over here. Just focus on the on-trend options going on while changing the look of your house, and then go for it! Or else, you can go for the classic and timeless beauty as well! It all depends on what you want.

  • Using skylight and the shades:

Nowadays, all modern households have skylights. These are practically holes on your roof, from where UV rays can enter your room and brighten it up. Moreover, during those starry nights, this skylight will help you to witness the beauty of nature from the comfort of your bed. Try adding a skylight in your room, especially bedrooms, for that magical night every time.

But with skylights, you have to think about skylight shades as well. You want these shades to cover up lights when you don’t want them. Now get colorful motorized shades to match the exterior look of your house by searching for them online. Some people can customize these shades for some textured or painted works. The choice is absolutely yours!

  • Set up a cozy spot for reading:

If you don’t have any designated reading room in your small apartment, there is nothing to worry about. You can create one on your own. If your place does not have any leftover real estate to convert into your favorite reading room, then convert your living space into the two-into-one option. Capture a corner space, add a comfortable lounging chair and a table lamp on one side. Your reading space is created!

  • Try experimenting with black paint:

You should never feel scared to try out the power of blank paint for the walls. Yes, it is dark, but it will add that aesthetic value, which no other color can offer you with. It will surely help to make your bedroom feel special with matching black bedsheets and more. The eclectic furniture will add more depth to the darkness and will add a homier vibe. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but once you give it a try, you will know the reasons behind its popularity.

  • Time to style up the empty fireplace:

If you have an empty fireplace at your place, try to style that up. Do you love pottery or have a niche in sculpture making? Well, then style up the empty fireplace with your own little gallery to show off your masterpieces. You can do the same with your paintings and more. Anything that will show your creative side can change the entire look of that empty fireplace.

  • Styling up your bookshelf:

Almost every household will have a dedicated bookshelf, especially if there are book lovers in the house. Well, take your time to re-style that bookshelf. You can either change the entire shelf with a completely new one or can paint on some wooden colors on top. Turning your basic brown bookshelf into a black-colored masterpiece will go well with your mood and even your space. A darker colored bookshelf at one side of the living space will add that glamor, which can light up the entire house.

It is not quite necessary for you to fill up the shelves with books only. You can try keeping other items like small showpieces, plants, and other accessories like sculptures and vases to fill up empty spots. But, make sure to keep gaps between items for that clean and classy look to them.

Simple steps can go a long way:

It is not that hard to state that all it takes is some simple steps and creative minds to change the outlook of your alternative house. Some simple interior designs are all that you need. So, do your bit of complete research and start looking for the best housing ideas, which will work great with your available space for sure. This way, you can change the design without spending much.

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