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Best Loan Applications in India

The era of digitization:

The massification of the internet has pushed the development of solutions that facilitate the daily activities of users. Today, about 3 billion people in the world are already connected. India is no stranger to this reality, in 2015 it registered more than 21 million citizens with mobile connection and digital credits.

Market advance:

“The market is evolving hand in hand with new technologies with a direct and positive impact on the banking revolution. We have witnessed how the financial sector has taken the necessary measures not only in terms of infrastructure but also in security, to give the user the confidence they are looking for to migrate to mobile banking with the benefits never seen before.

In this context, reveals the five advantages that digital credit offers:

  1. Avoid identity forgery: thanks to biometric validation technology, people identification processes can be carried out and impersonation avoided, through fingerprint capture and verification where financial entities reconfirm the client’s identity. In addition, you can register the electronic signature and validate it online and in real time from a mobile device.
  2. Improves data quality and reduces human errors: with document digitization you can significantly reduce human errors and avoid future problems caused by inconsistencies in the entry of important information such as user contact details.
  3. Optimize time: both financial institutions and the user will be able to optimize their time. On the one hand, the processes are more efficient and improve response times for users. On the other hand, the consumer will be able to carry out other activities during the day, thanks to the fact that they can carry out their financial operations from any place and time, only with a secure internet connection and the applications installed on their mobile device. Currently, credits have been disbursed in 15 minutes, allowing the use of credit immediately for the first purchase.
  1. Build customer loyalty: with digital banking, users can avoid long lines and paperwork to access new financial services. It will not be necessary to physically go to an office to obtain a credit card, now it is possible to obtain it in a matter of minutes with an advisor located anywhere in a shopping center and make purchases without having to wait up to three days to be able to use it.
  2. Promotes the “Zero Paper” initiative: thanks to digital credit the consumption of paper is reduced considerably, if before seven documents had to be printed, each one with several sheets, without counting those that the user delivered to the bank, now it is not necessary. Thanks to technology, all forms and documents can be filled out and scanned digitally and in real time, promoting the conservation of the environment.

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