Best ERP Software You Should Consider Using in 2021

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Business processes need to be streamlined to increase the productivity of a workplace. This is where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software acts as the effective asset for organizations to standardize finance, procurement, distribution, human resources and other departments. Here’s how this software is changing the business processes.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a system of integrated software applications that standardizes, streamlines and integrates business processes across finance, human resources, procurement, distribution, and other departments. Typically, ERP systems operate on an integrated software platform using common data definitions operating on a single database.

Understanding the basics of ERP software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software streamlines the business processes through a single interface. Initially, ERPs were intended at managing the business processes of manufacturing organizations. However, with the effect of expansion ERP solutions, higher education, financial services and health care businesses as well as other government institutions are availing the merits of this software. Undoubtedly, every organization has unique ERP functions to be followed, hence, choosing the ERP software that caters to all the prime requirements of a company should be preferred. 

Benefits of the best ERP software

ERP systems enhance the productivity and efficiency of organizational operations in countless ways. With the compilation of financial data on a single platform, ERP systems unify an organization’s financial reporting. From order management, manufacturing, inventory, accounting, and distribution much simpler and error-free solutions are offered by the ERP software. Most ERP solutions even provide customer relationship management (CRM) tools to monitor customer interactions for offering deeper insights about user preferences and requirements

The businesses can also automate manufacturing and customer support processes by integrating procurement operations through the functions of the concerned. It is the best ERP software which has a comprehensive platform for real-time reporting, financial operations’ management, training, and likewise without surpassing government’s policies or industry-wise compliance guidelines. 

Best ERP Software options for business management in 2021

  1. CAMs-Exact

This best-in-class ERP system which enables users to manage purchases, procurement, advanced shipping options, production, CRM, accounting, inventory management and all the operations which are used in daily tasks. With the help of CAMS ERP solution, an organization can experience a seamless integration of the system with other applications. This software is secured, cost-effective and affordable. CAMs-Exact is suitable for Automobile, Jewellery, Packaging, Chemicals and Pharma businesses.

  1. Sage Intacct

This ERP solution is ideal for financial management. After the acquisition of Intacct by Sage Group, the two companies partnered together for the integration of cloud systems in finance & accounting.

Sage Intacct is suitable for AICPA business solutions considering its advanced financial security features. This ERP software is beneficial for cash management, accounting, project accounting, vendor management, financial reporting and inventory management. The dashboard is convenient to access for users who have utilized accounting tools. The recurring tasks of the workflow can be executed efficiently while improving productivity with this ERP system.

  1. SAP ERP

It is a popular ERP platform with a comprehensive suite that provides reliable access to critical data, analytic applications and powerful tools. This is listed as the best ERP software as it simplifies business processes and gives businesses a competitive advantage. This integrated platform includes CRM, financial management, product lifecycle management, SCM and other related tools. It can also run locally, online, or a combination of both, making it easy for anyone to access at any time.

  1. Bitrix24

If you have been searching for the best ERP software, this free online ERP system is worth an investment. Explore the mechanism of Bitrix24.  There are many open source ERP solutions which take unexpected delays to install, but, Bitrix 24 is a cloud-based solution which can be setup within 30 seconds. Besides, Bitrix24 is also available with open source access which needs to be installed on the service. From communication management, accessing real-time reports, workflow management and CRM management to other task management features make this ERP software reliable. 

  1. BuildSmart

Buildsmart is a smart and comprehensive web-based ERP software which offers relevant data to construction companies. It includes cost, project and accounting for real-time analysis and effective and efficient project management. This ERP software consists of multiple modules including Factory, Court, Management, Outsourcing Management, Procurement, Accounting, Payroll, Company Information, Human Resources, Attendance, and more.

  1. Oracle ERP Cloud

The complete cloud-based SaaS suite is used to manage business operations and consists of 7 units. Oracle ERP Cloud provides internal standards for efficiently automating key business processes. The goal is to simplify planning, procurement, project planning, financing, product lifecycle, and more. Technology also provides a solid foundation for organizations including information technology, marketing, consulting and sales.

  1. Tally Prime 

Tally Prime is the best ERP software for accounting with a user-friendly interface. It has an excellent customer support system with lots of features and automated functions. The powerful UI of this ERP system makes accounts management efficient and organized. Tally Prime is customizable and offers real-time reporting and data management options to businesses. From payroll management, stock control, banking integration and inventory management to asset management, this ERP software is suitable for simplified management of financial operations. 


Although we have listed only the top 7 Best ERP Software of actionable value, you can explore more options at .

The selection of ERP solutions and its practical implementation depends on the processes which an organization needs to manage. Besides, the methodology of the ERP software should be understood prior to its purchase or subscription. Few discretionary points of implementation include gaining approval, planning the program, software configuration and deployment of the system should be assessed while training the team to utilize Tally. Apart from this, the best ERP software should be checked for the transparent pricing policy, renewal system and other costs of advanced services offered by this ERP software. It will further ensure that the ERP system manages the business workflow yet without incurring hidden costs. 

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