Best book week costumes for kids

The Book Week is an annual event, and it is critical to make it memorable for kids. It is the time of the year where we encourage the kids to read books. There is no better way to make it enjoyable for children than wearing costumes. However, parents need to consider the costume they select for their children. Sometimes, a costume can be offensive to other people, and it is essential to be sensitive. 

Just like movie characters, numerous costumes are depicting unique and unforgettable book characters. Kids can relate to them, and adults can take the opportunity to teach the reading culture in them. However, parents can find it challenging to develop book week ideas for their children’s costumes. There is non need to worry as this read will look at some of the best book week costumes for kids. 

Kid’s Costumes Ideas for Kids

Every year, there are new inventions in book week costumes for kids. Depending on the theme and preference of a kid, parents can find a fantastic costume for them to wear. For example, if your child likes to be a doctor, you can get him/her a doctor’s coat and a medical kit to accessorize the look. 

Costumes for Girls

Girls can dress using fancy dress from storybook characters. It is every girl’s dream to be a princess, and there are famous characters to consider. Some of the popular costumes for book week can include Frozen’s Princess Elsa or Anna’s dress, Alice in Wonderland, and others. However, there are other educational personalities to conmsider as it is a book week event and not Halloween. It is crucial to dress you kid according to the theme or occasion. 

Some ideas to consider are;

  • The veterinarian costume; if the child likes their pet and enjoys going to the veterinarian, this is a good idea for the book week. It is a full costume with the pants, shirt, and mask, just like a professional in the field.
  • Princess costumes; as explained earlier, there are several dress costumes for girls of all ages. Whether it is a cartoon or Disney character, the costumes are best for a book week event at school and Halloween parties.

Costumes for Boys

For kids, both boys and girls love to wear costumes on special occasions. A unique costume can help your kid stand out from the crowd and showcase their favorite book character. Since the theme for a book week is educational, a costume depicting a professional in a child’s favorite career can work for the occasion. Some of the best costumes for the event are;

  • The doctor’s lab coat; you can help your child dress the part if they like to play doctor at home. The complete outfit includes a cap, mask, and a dummy doctor’s kit.
  • The shepherd biblical child costume; is an ancient costume that is versatile and suitable for different occasions. It includes a white robe, a brown top gown, and a belt. A shepherd’s herding stick will make the look more complete.
  • A prince costume; is the best costume for a charming kid. It includes red trousers with a white jacket with matching colors in the design. 


Sometimes, you need to study how the child behaves or what he/she likes to know the type of costume to purchase for them.

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Last modified: April 7, 2021

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