Benefits of an Employment Verification Service When Hiring a New Employee

An exciting time for any business will come when they are poised for growth and need to bring on new team members. While there is a lot of excitement that can come with the hiring process, it is also an important decision that requires proper diligence to be completed. One important step to follow when making a new hiring decision is to complete an employment verification. There are several benefits that come when you verify the employment of a candidate.

Confirm the Employment and Work Experience

As you are looking to bring on a new team member to your company, you will want to know that they have the experience necessary to complete the work that you need. During the background check process, you will want to contact the various past employers to confirm the dates and responsibilities in which the candidate worked at the prior role. If these dates and responsibilities do not align with what the candidate stated on their resume, it could be problematic.

Understand Reason for Ending Employment

While you will want to fully understand when an employee left a prior job, it is also valuable to know why they left. The employee should have already given a reason for switching jobs and moving on with their career. While it is OK for someone to switch jobs to take on a new responsibility or take a pay increase, if they have been fired in the past for poor performance or personality conflicts, it is important to fully understand the situation. The prior employer may not provide full detail but should at least be able to confirm whether the employee is available for rehire.

Know Candidate is Trustworthy

Bringing on a new team member is a great option for a company that needs help, but it also comes with some risk. If the applicant does not work well with others or cannot be trusted, it could cause a lot of challenges for you in the future. With a background check, you can confirm that the candidate is telling the truth on their resume, which could be an indication that they are trustworthy and honest.

Ensure Hiring Compliance

In today’s professional world, following all regulations and compliance recommendations is very important. A part of this is making sure that you are taking a fair and balanced approach to hire qualified candidates. Part of this needs to include verifying past work experience. When you complete an employment verification on all applicants, it will provide you with a fair approach to confirm work experience, which will be helpful when bringing on new employees. 

Why Use a Third Party Verification Service?

When you are going to hire an employee, it is clearly important that you verify their employment history. If you are going to complete employment verification, there are several reasons that you should use a third-party employment verification service.

Effective and Compliant Verification

One of the main advantages of using a third-party service is that you will receive an effective and compliant verification service. Verifying an employment history can be a tricky process and getting the information that you need may not be easy. The team that you hire for this service will be experienced and will know how to get the right information while asking proper questions. This can ensure you have a fair and balanced approach to hiring and can avoid various liability risks.

Free Up Time For Other Purposes

Depending on the position that you are hiring for, finding candidates to hire and completing the necessary background checks and employment verification can take some time. For a lot of businesses, this could even require that they hire a full-time employee to handle this part of the hiring process. When you outsource the service, it will free up time and resources that can be invested elsewhere.

An employment verification process is an important part when hiring for any position. When you are looking to hire a new team member, it would be a good idea to use an outsourced service to help you complete the verification processes. These services can provide a variety of benefits to businesses and hiring managers. 

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Last modified: April 17, 2021

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