Are You a Veteran in Need of A Lawyer? Here’s How to Find the Perfect Fit For You

Nearly, 5 million veterans in the United States receive veterans benefits from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)  each year. If you are one of the close to 15 million veterans who do not receive benefits from the VA it’s likely because of how difficult it can be to navigate the VA’s bureaucratic hurdles. 

The VA’s system of claims and denials can be difficult to manage especially for veterans already dealing with health problems. Close to forty percent of VA disability benefits claims are denied every year. Of those denied claims over half of them should have been approved, but were denied erroneously. Seeking the help of a highly-skilled veteran’s rights lawyer can be the difference between an approval and a denial. A veteran’s rights lawyer can help you work through the VA’s systems more efficiently. 

Regardless of whether you are appealing a decision about your benefits or filing an initial claim for help, a lawyer that has experience working with the Veterans Affairs department can be a huge asset to your case. Finding a lawyer for something this important might seem overwhelming, so here are some tips on how to find a VA disability lawyer that’s the perfect fit for you.

A Firm that Employs Veterans Speaks Volumes

A law firm that’s staffed by veterans at multiple levels speaks volumes about their commitment to serving vets. Try to find a firm that employs vets as lawyers as well as in other key roles such as paralegals and administrators. These are people who will understand dealing with the VA from a personal and professional vantage point. They will understand the process, the pressure, and the frustration. 

It may seem like a simple thing, but hiring veterans in multiple roles throughout the company also signals that the firm is interested in more than just profiting off of vets — they want to honor and support them too. You may also find that working with a firm staffed by veterans feels culturally familiar. This can make it easier to work with your law team and to feel heard, understood, and looked after. 

Look for a Firm That Only Works With Veterans

Finding a firm that truly specializes in working with veterans can make all the difference in your case. You don’t want a firm that just takes some veterans cases. Or even one that has a couple of lawyers that specialize in veterans’ rights. You want to look for a firm whose primary constituency is Veterans. 

Find a firm who has built their business around serving vets and that truly understands the inner workings of the VA. These inner workings are complex and having a lawyer that is dedicated to understanding them can make all the difference. For instance, the VA employs very specific jargon, and understanding it is critical. An attorney that’s not steeped in VA terminology may not refer to your conditions using the correct terminology which may be different than accepted laymen or medical terminology. This could cause your disability claim to be denied.

Choose a Lawyer You Connect With

Ultimately, the lawyer that’s the perfect fit for you is a lawyer you connect with. A good way to feel out how comfortable you are with a given lawyer is to go over their assessment of your case together. After some preliminary meetings and research, a veterans rights lawyer should be able to put together a full assessment of your case. 

A case assessment is your opportunity to discover what working with them might be like. Does the case they are presenting feel thorough? Are they explaining not just the strengths of your case but also the weaknesses? Are they committed to answering your questions in a way you can understand? Have they outlined a plan for strengthening your case that seems attainable and lays out a reasonable timeline? 

Doing some research on firms that are staffed by veterans and work exclusively in veterans affairs can help you narrow down your search. Then it’s best to interview a few firms and hear their assessments. Trust your gut, beware of anyone who over-promises, is difficult to get ahold of, or doesn’t present you with a concrete plan. When it comes to finding a veterans rights lawyer the perfect fit is some you trust and feel comfortable working with.

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