America Has A Love Affair With The Crossover SUV

The crossover SUV has gained immense popularity in the USA over the years and the trend shows no signs of slowing. They’re popular for many reasons, from their purposed performance dynamics, well-rounded daily-use qualities, and a whole lot more, there’s just no end to what they can offer. Whether you’re looking to roast tar on the streets in a Lamborghini Urus, blaze trails in the Jeep Cherokee, or commute the family about in a Nissan Pathfinder, there’s a crossover for just about anyone. Whatever the case, you can be sure that sport-utility vehicles are the way of the future, so if you are looking to get in on the trend, here are the five best-selling SUVs in America at present:

Five Best-Selling Crossover SUVs

There are so many sport utility and crossover vehicles to choose from in the segment, differing in brand, purpose, build, size, and price, but these are just some of the best-selling options at the moment. 

  1. Toyota RAV4

Proffered in gas, hybrid electric, and plug-in hybrid electric form, the Toyota RAV4 is the top-selling SUV crossover in America and has been for the last four consecutive years. Inherently, Toyota is known for its proven long-term dependability, a quality that’s especially admired in SUVs as people do expect them to bear a certain level of ruggedness. Safety is another factor Toyota tends to prioritize alongside reliability; this makes their vehicles, and the RAV4 in particular, very attractive to families that are often traveling. All three models are equipped with strapping and surprisingly frugal powertrains, and the pricing of the base model is really attractive for the classification. 

  1. Honda CR-V

Honda offers a gasoline and a hybrid-electric version of the CR-V, a compact cruiser with a focus on fuel-efficiency, passenger comfort, and practicality. It may not be a car for the driving enthusiast, but the CR-V still manages to be relatively enjoyable with poised driving dynamics. It offers that enjoyment with some of the best gas mileage returns, too, at 28/34/30 mpg and 40/35/38 mpg for the gas and PHEV versions, respectively. It exudes a sporty yet sophisticated aesthetic on the outside, and on the inside, is modern and simplistic. It scores top-notch marks for crashworthiness and safety, and Honda has definitely proven the reliability of its cars. One of the few things holding the CR-V back is its infotainment system, which feels slightly dated. 

  1. Chevrolet Equinox

Chevrolet presents the Equinox compact SUV with three engine options, an underpowered 1.5-liter turbo-four, a super-efficient 1.6-liter diesel, and a competent 2.0-liter turbo-four. Unfortunately, neither of the turbo engines are particularly great in terms of power, and the diesel was discontinued in 2020 so it’s not available for the new model. It’s very fuel-efficient and well-mannered on the road in terms of ride quality. The Equinox’s strongest aspects, however, include a comprehensive and contemporary infotainment system and an extensive list of standard features. All in all, though it is mundane to drive, it packages a lot of value for the money. 

  1. Nissan Rogue

Sporting a rugged, angular aesthetic based on Nissan’s X-Motion concept, the Rogue brings a bit of a unique design to the rather ‘copy-paste’ segment. Along with that handsome styling, it also holds a commodious and tranquil interior brimming with specifications from advanced driver-assist technologies to conveniences even for the rearmost occupants. Its Zero-gravity seats stand out as some of the comfiest in the business. The Rogue also earns some of the highest crashworthiness and safety ratings in the industry and while it is absolutely no fun to hoon about, it’s compliant and comfortable enough on the road as a family carrier. 

  1. Ford Explorer

It may have some stiff competition in its respective segment at present, but the Ford Explorer remains America’s best-selling SUV of all time. Plus, the all-new redesign brings with it a contemporary rear-wheel-drive flexible architecture designed to deliver a refined ride quality, improved handling dynamics, and greater all-round capability. It also comes outfitted with an impressive selection of advanced driver-assist technologies, creature comforts, and conveniences. And while the gas variant may not be the most frugal SUV around, there is a hybrid variant available, too. 

Pros and Cons

Even with their many upsides, there are still some downsides to take into account when considering buying an SUV. Here are just some of the general pros and cons the vehicles tend to share across the board: 


  • Powertrains can be strapping and frugal at the same time
  • Drivers enjoy a commanding ride height
  • Can be purposed for the road, trail, or both
  • Interiors are highly versatile and practical
  • Typically available with AWD systems


  • Generic exterior designs 
  • Very few are actually entertaining to drive 
  • Size and weight can adversely affect fuel economy 
  • Typically more expensive than traditional cars
  • Proportions can hinder drivability and visibility

The five highest selling SUVs in America are all phenomenal vehicles, but there are a whole lot of options out there. While these are some of the best, most crossover SUVs offer one thing in common and that thing is what has made them so popular in the first place, and that’s their inherent well-rounded nature. 

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