Airsoft Helmet: Preventing Airsoft Pains

Airsoft is a form of team game using mock air weapons. In the team game of airsoft, players tag out rival players by eliminating them from the game with spherical plastic pellets fired from airsoft guns, which are imitation air weapons. This sport is very similar to paintball, except that each player uses an airsoft gun that fires bbs instead of paintballs.

What Does It Feel Like to Get Hit by an Airsoft Gun?

Though airsoft pellets do not leave visible marks on their targets, the pellets may leave bruises on unprotected or exposed skin. Now imagine the unprotected part is your head(scary, right?); the more reason an airsoft helmet is needed.

Asides from playing with bare skin, some other factors can affect how much you feel the pain such as the location of the shot, your pain tolerance, the weapon being used, and the distance it’s coming from.

Making Airsoft Less Painful

Hobbies should be enjoyable, therefore, if playing airsoft is more unpleasant or painful than enjoyable, stop. While you can’t really do much about other people’s guns or their actions, you can protect yourself more effectively.

The most effective way to protect yourself from airsoft pains is by investing in protective gear. One of the protective elements required for safe play is the helmet, which is a type of protective equipment or headgear worn to protect the head. 

Airsoft Helmet

As earlier said, an airsoft helmet is a protective gear worn to protect the head from external forces that can cause pain and injuries. The helmet specifically works in conjunction with the skull to protect the human brain. You can therefore receive some degree of protection from direct head injuries(which sting like crazy, by the way) by wearing an airsoft helmet. In terms of extras, current helmets have features that make it possible to install a variety of accessories on them. You might use GoPros or other action cameras, as well as morale patches, lights, headphones, strobes, night vision, and goggles. The cameras are most likely the most popular of all the aforementioned gadgets. Who doesn’t enjoy videotaping themselves in action on the field?

The majority of airsoft helmets sold are copies that lack the originals’ ballistic qualities, but they still improve players’ safety. Accidental head impacts, particularly in intense CQB-style games, can be harmful. An airsoft helmet ensures a player’s safety, especially in enclosed spaces, as breaking even the most basic safety precautions can result in serious injuries. It is crucial to protect the head because it is frequently exposed to abrasions, collisions, and even unintentional gunshot wounds.

Other than having a protective airsoft helmet and other gears on, another good way of protecting yourself against airsoft pain is by being a very good player. Being a good player does not mean the airsoft pellets will hurt less; it only means you respect your fellow players while in the game and you avoid injuring them as much as possible. Some of the ways you can avoid injuring them include;

  • Aim more for body shoots. Avoid shooting your opponents on their heads (especially if they do not have their airsoft helmet on), their faces, hands, or any other part of their bodies that is exposed.
  • Do not shoot from a distance of nine feet or less; you could just tell your opponent you’ve beaten them instead.
  • Don’t deliberately take too painful shots; remember, it   is just a game
  • Instead of blasting someone with an automatic BB fire, you should just switch to semi-auto.

In Conclusion,

Generally, playing airsoft can be a mixture of fun and pain, but the pain can surely be avoided or minimized. Using an airsoft helmet will protect you from a lot of pain and bruises, though, in the end, some of those bruises are worth all the fun.

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Last modified: November 16, 2022

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