Advanced Certification of CISM -International Registered Information Security Manager

CISM(Certification Authority :ISACA) is unique in the information security certification market because it is designed for people with experience in managing information security projects. Since 2002, more than 33,000 management elites worldwide have received CISM, including more than 600 CEOs, more than 2,000 CIOs or CISO, more than 8,000 security directors or security managers, and 2,000 consultants. CISM differs from other information security certifications in that its experience is required to focus on the performance of information security managers. Other information security certifications focus on specific technology, operating platform or product information, or on the initial years of information security work. Only CISM for information security managers, the focus is no longer a separate technology or skills, but transferred to the entire enterprise information security management. CISM is targeted at individual managers who manage and oversee the information security of an enterprise, many of whom may already hold relevant certifications in other areas. Because of the focus on the needs of management, work experience is relatively important, so CISM requires at least 5 years of experience in information security management, and the content of the exam is also focused on the daily work handled by information security managers.

What are the advantages of CISM certification

  1. The desire of most candidates is to be part of an elite group. Being a CISM gets you into a position that IT professionals want to be a part of. Not all IT professionals are in this field, so certification is one of the biggest validations.
  2. As part of the CISM field, you will be recognized as an information security specialist and have experience with information security projects. With this, you will be taken seriously by more people.
  3. As a CISM, you will benefit from three important aspects: creating value for the organization, continuing education, and professional development.
  4. As a domain expert, you can demonstrate your understanding of the relationship between business goals and information security initiatives. In addition, you will be able to harmonize and drive business success.

Gold Content of CISM Certification:

  1. A common standard jointly developed by the Global Top 500 enterprises
  2. One of the highest average salary IT positions
  3. The best way from safety technology to safety management
  4. More than 32,000 people worldwide having obtained CISM certification

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