Add these 5 Pots and Pans to Your Kitchen

Some essential pots and pans in your kitchen can save you from using bulky cooking ware. One of the most important advantages of these items is that they work best to cook versatile dishes. On top of that, you can easily accommodate them in your kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Here are the most important pots and pans that are functional, appealing, and easy to maintain and store. 

Grill Pan

Experts have designed a grill pan to use on top of the stove. It has ridges that are pretty similar to the grates of the conventional grill. You also need to know that these ridges give grill marks on food. The best part is that you can cook everything on this pan. Hence, you can prepare a delicious meal containing veggies, chicken, kebab, and fruits on this pan. 

If you want a durable option, then go for the cast iron pans. They cook and heat the food evenly because of having conducting properties. You also need to know that the grill pan has a sleek and compact design. This is why you can store them in your kitchen cabinets. 

You may already have a saucepan in your kitchen. If not, you are missing out on so much. These pans are best for regular cooking tasks. Its curved sidewalls allow you to stir or slide food items in the pan. You can use them for sautéing, scrambling, or searing. Most importantly, its sloped sides hinder steam from generating in the pan. 

Depending on the ingredients you are using, you can also cook one person meal in these pans. 


Generally, 3 to 4-quart saucepan comes with tall, straight sides that hinder rapid moisture loss. This is the property you need while blanching, steaming, whipping pastry or lemon curd, or making soup or sauce. 

Make sure to choose the one that has thick bottom and walls to offer you even heat distribution. Also, avoid using regular aluminum pot or cast iron pot for sauces. This is because the reactive surface can alter the taste while discoloring the tomato and butter in your recipe. 

A stockpot is another ideal utensil to cook some delicious cuisines. They come with a thick base that works best to cook on a slow simmer. You can cook pasta, soups, stocks, seafood, bulk veggies, and several other dishes on these stockpots. 

Taller height and smaller diameter of pot preserve fluids longer. The stockpot also helps to spread the flavorsome liquid throughout the ingredients to maximize its flavors. You can also use steam baskets in stockpots to steam different types of food items. 

Carbon Steel Skillet

Carbon steel skillets offer you a safe and secure cooking solution, as it doesn’t come with PFOS and PFOAs. They are also 30% lighter than the conventional cast-iron so that you can keep them in your upper cabinets like shaker cabinets. 

Most importantly, they are dishwasher friendly as well as safe to use with metal utensils. They are also safe and secure to use at high temperatures- more than 800 degrees. 

Bottom Line

Whether you are planning to purchase shaker cabinets, glass cabinets, or others, you need cooking ware that you can easily accommodate into your cabinetry. For this, you can purchase some of the above-mentioned pots and pans that offer you exceptional functionality. Also, make sure to purchase appropriate kitchen cabinets that are durable as well as appealing. In that case, click here to learn about some amazing kitchen cabinets online in the market. 

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