A fallen tree on your rooftop because of a storm can be a scary situation. But, it can be more difficult if you do not know what to do, including the kind of tree services Sacramento to obtain.

In this blog, we will narrow down the following critical actions that can help you resolve the situation without incurring any harm:

Move Out From The Home With Your Family Immediately

In a stormy climate, the hazards of falling trees are great. And if you have a tree near your home, being more careful can help you avoid unfortunate circumstances. 

Make a plan to evacuate if ever the need arises so that if you ever have to deal with this situation, you and your family will be ready. Practice your evacuation plan with the people living in your house or your family from time to time. 

Always ensure to prepare a go-grab bag! You can put all your emergency supplies, like the important documents, spare car keys, cash, insurance, and other essentials. So when it’s time to leave the house, you can immediately take the bag and get out fast.

Call Emergency Helpline

After removing every family member, including your pets, safely out from the house, call your local emergency helpline number. 

Do not try to inspect the roof by yourself! Even if the damage to the fallen tree looks small, never try to climb on the roof to check the broken parts, especially during a storm. Doing so can be dangerous even for an expert roofer.

Storm winds are usually strong, which can toss you down easily. Also, rain makes the roof more slippery and impossible to stay still. Going up to the roof can knock you down or can be risky due to the possibility of a lightning strike.

When your house gets struck by a tree, its entire structure can be weakened. With more weight resting on the roof, it can collapse anytime. Planning on saving your house without professional help can be dangerous as well as expensive for your home. 

Calling emergency services will offer you a better option. They can send firefighters or public utility representatives for further assistance. 

Furthermore, the fire crew is capable of checking the entire home to ensure your house is safe. Other possible issues can be ruled out such as leaking gas pipes, exposed power lines, and faulty connections so you can be sure that you are safe to return to your home.

When all is initially taken care of, you can always look for Sacramento landscape design services to help you restore damaged lawns. In terms of reconstructions, calling the experts who know how to do the job always outweighs the risks.

Call Your Insurance Company

Most home insurance companies cover certain causes of storm damage. But if the fallen tree was rotten and unhealthy, you will not get the full recovery claim. 

However, if the tree is in perfect condition and has fallen on your roof due to strong winds, your insurance company can give you a claim and hire experts for tree removal Sacramento. So, before attempting to make a call, examine the situation first.

When reporting the damage to your home to the insurance company, the agent will assist you with what to do next. 

You should be able to take photographs of the damages. Try to capture the close-up and long shots of the ruined areas of your home for evidence. Then, give these photos to your insurance company so they can speed up the process of evaluating and determining the compensation.

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