A quick peek into vinyl vs. mesh banner

Whether you are a printing seller, reseller, or customer, you must be aware of banner’s promotional, branding, and marketing power. The impact of this type of advertising depends on the choice of material to a great extent. Today, vinyl and mesh stand out from others for this simple reason. Since these large-format banners allow flexibility with colorful images, they draw massive attention from different sections. Still, these are two different varieties; that’s why they are bound to be unique in some ways or the other. Let’s explore them one by one to get clarity about their popularity.

Vinyl banner and its benefits

Vinyl banners are well-known for their attractive appeal and wider application indoors and outdoors. From a big corporate house to a small bakery, anyone can rely on its effectiveness for their goal. With this, these large-format signs can be solid and durable, withstanding damages caused by rain, wind, or snow. Since most people worry about discoloration and fading issues with outdoor banners, vinyl takes care of everything. Vinyl material with UV protection can be specifically advantageous. You cannot expect UV coating with fabrics. At the same time, the flexibility to use digital images makes them more enchanting.

However, there are some demerits of vinyl. You have to roll the banner to store it. The option of folding is not available. Heavy materials can be challenging to manage also. Some people find them less attractive than mesh. 

Mesh banner and its benefits

Someone with no budget constraints as such can be willing to invest in this more. Mesh banners can be resistant to tear, rain, and wind, thanks to the small holes made into them. These generally allow print on one side. But their light weight makes up for everything. There are various benefits of this banner material. One of them is the ability to fold them without worrying about wrinkles. Even if creases appear, you can smoothen them easily. These can fit anywhere in a bag or drawer. That’s why storage and portability don’t feel like a headache. Of course, their expensive look with vibrant colors takes care of everything else.

On the downside, images on mesh don’t look as bright as the vinyl banners. At the time of installation, one has to stretch the banner a bit to remove folding marks. For prolonged outdoor use, you cannot depend on a mesh.

How to choose between vinyl and mesh?

Both vinyl and mesh tend to be the standard option with a trustworthy wholesale banner printer, due to which it can be challenging to decide between them. Still, focusing on the goal or purpose can come in handy in this matter. For example, outdoor advertising is critical for drawing the attention of a larger audience. The banner has to attract the notice of the people every day. 

Since a banner has to face water, wind, sun rays, and extreme temperature, the material would have to be special to withstand all this. At the same time, it cannot compromise on color, images, and design. In such a situation, a mesh banner can be ideal as it is durable and nearly free of the risk of deformation. Their strength can be the ultimate mark. Companies and consumers use them for two months, one year, or more for outdoor advertising campaigns. On the other hand, vinyl signs can work best in interior decoration, exhibitions, conferences, etc. 

 If you are thinking about installation, both vinyl and mesh follow the same process. The significant difference between the two can be the cost, though. Hence, it is critical to be aware of the requirement to make the best use of anything.

Designing a banner

Whether vinyl or mesh, three elements, including color, font, and message, demand special attention. When you select colors, you have to keep in mind the banner location. The banner should stand out from the backdrop to get the maximum eyeballs. Messages have to be simple and to the point. With this, necessary details like event, time, address, and others should also find their space. 

The impact of a banner also depends on the font selection. You can have fun with it, but don’t go overboard. The readability factor should always get the priority. Before choosing anything, you can create a small sample with your choice of point size to determine its effect. Hang it on a wall and look at fonts from different angles. Any struggle with reading would mean you have to choose a bigger font size. As a rule of thumb, a five-inch letter size can be easy to read even from a 50 ft or less distance, while a 4” letter can be readable from 40 ft or less. If the banner has to draw attention from someone positioned at 30 feet or less range, the choice of a three-inch letter can work.

Keeping these minor yet crucial details in mind can be helpful if you plan to print vinyl, mesh, or any other banner. 

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