A Guide to Choose the Best Commercial Laundry Service in Denver

With major companies like The Boeing Company and Raytheon located in Denver, the Colorado city aims to become an “Aerospace Alley.” On the other hand, broadcast and telecommunication, healthcare, and wellness sectors count as the most thriving and contributing to Denver’s diversified economy.

For running a successful business in any of these leading domains, you must limit all your overhead expenses, such as washing linens and uniforms. Engaging a commercial laundry service Denver for managing your workplace laundry requirements is one cost-effective approach to ensure your core business is profitable. Here’s a comprehensive guide to choosing the best commercial laundry service in Denver.

Ensure They Use Premium Laundry Products

Wind Fresh, Tide, and OxiClean are some of the top detergent brands currently popular in Denver.

Check if the laundry experts use premium products, be it detergents, softeners, bleach, or dryer sheets. Avoid those who suggest low-cost detergents, as they might not bring the expected results for your linens when washed in bulk. And, ensure the plastic they use to seal each folded item is of top quality; such wrapping retains your laundered items’ fresh smell.

Check If the Service Provider is Well-equipped

Running a busy restaurant on South Broadway, serving Denver’s local favorite, the flavorful empanadas, is not an easy task. You will have loads of laundry to take care of, from napkins to table sheets.

Commercial laundry service in Denver typically features machines with industrial-sized load capacity, such as 77 lbs washers and 50 lbs dryers. Confirm that the agency has equipment big enough to manage your laundering requirements. Whether it’s your work uniforms or heavy-duty linens, the experts should have the resources to dry, hang or fold each piece carefully.

Look for A Service That Can Handle Bulk Laundry

A recent federal government report shows that hospitals in Denver, such as the Swedish Medical Center, have about 80% of their inpatient beds occupied by COVID-19 patients.

During such testing situations, your services should be highly-responsive and quick. Look for a commercial laundry service that can handle bulk orders since you will have linen piles, mainly when working in healthcare. Top consultants offer laundry services for sizable items like comforters and pillows. You can thus ensure you always have fresh, clean materials at your workplace.

Check for Pick-up and Delivery Options

The Historic Carriage House and Artisan Loft in Historic Five Points rank as the best Airbnbs in Denver. If you run a similar rental business that constantly needs clean linens, frequent laundering can be challenging if you don’t outsource the task. While booking a schedule with a leading professional, ensure you get doorstep pick-up and delivery service. It will save you time and energy, which you can invest in your other core tasks or products.  

Suppose your location is in North Denver Metro; look for a consultant who offers this service in Thornton and Federal Heights for quick access.

While Denver ranks 3rd globally for oil and gas, Metro Denver stands at the 4th position nationally in cleantech employment concentration. With many avenues to explore new ventures, it is best to hire a reputable commercial laundry service to handle your workplace laundry needs. You can then focus on other opportunities to make your business more productive and profitable, making the best out of Denver’s thriving industrial ecosystem.

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