A Detailed Guide Into The Lead Management Process Within The Real Estate Industry Through CRM

When homebuyers search for Real Estate, they often click on ads online and are directed to the company’s website and social media pages. Leads visit a company’s website or social media pages to check the current Real Estate projects of the company or upcoming projects that they can invest in. However, one has to remember that the number of people visiting the company’s website or social media page does not indicate success. It is important to convert the leads to customers, and for this, proper lead management is essential. 

Lead management is a process where the business captures information on leads visiting the company’s website, finds out which leads are important, and keep a tab on the status of leads, and follows up on positive leads. A Real Estate CRM helps a business manage its leads efficiently to ensure that not a single lead is lost.

How Real Estate CRM Helps In Lead Management

Lead Capturing:

With lead management software a business ensures that lead-based data is captured efficiently. Lead data is captured through lead capture forms. This data is captured from different sources like websites and social media. With leads from different sources being captured in one place, the chances of missing a lead are lower, and conversion rates go up. 

Prevents Data Duplication: 

With Real Estate CRM Software, there won’t be any problems with data duplication. If the same lead visits the company’s website and social media page, the software will filter the data and ensure only one name is recorded. 

Consolidated Information:

With a CRM sales lead management, all details for leads are available at a single source like the stage of conversion, follow-up appointments pending, scheduled meetings, and more. 

Prioritising Leads

The conversion potential for all leads is not the same; only some leads have high conversion potential. The CRM lead ensures that the sales team focuses only on high-conversion prospects so that sales go up. 

Documented Action Plan

Every lead needs to be followed up. Appointments need to be scheduled, and tasks and notes should be recorded to ensure that the lead is converted. With lead management CRM, the business keeps a tab on all important lead-based information, and not a single appointment is missed.

Anytime Access to Data

With Real Estate CRM Software, there is no need to search the entire database for a lead. The inbuilt filters and views ensure that specific data can be accessed anytime. 

Stage-Based Sales Pipeline

Whether a lead is at the initial stage, final stage, or converted, you get the entire picture in one place with Real Estate CRM Software. 

Drip Marketing:

Visibility is vital for any company. The prospect should not only remember the company but be in favour of buying from it. To keep reminding the prospect about the company, the lead management software constantly sends marketing emails and SMS at a frequency of every few days or weekly.

It is not enough to generate a lead; the lead should be nurtured. Drip marketing is a part of lead nurturing. 

Funnel Analytics:

The next step after drip marketing is funnel analytics. It’s important to assess if the leads are getting hotter or are they dropping off. This will help in understanding how effective drip marketing has been. 

If a lead is marked as hot, then the company should send them an email. If they open the first marketing email, it should be followed up with a second email. If the lead does not open the second email, a follow-up call should be made. With funnel analytics in lead management software, the sales team can see the percentage of leads turning positive and those becoming negative. 

Lead Engagement:

With the Real Estate CRM Software, a business can find out the lead’s engagement with the drip marketing campaign. The software assigns a score according to the interest level of the lead to help the sales team narrow down on potential leads. 

Building Lead Relationships

A thank you note or a feedback email makes a huge difference to a lead who has visited the company’s website. It helps improve recall when the sales team may not have the time to interact with the client. These automated messages could help companies clinch the deal with leads. 

Tracking Lead Scores

When a lead is being nurtured, they might come back to watch a virtual tour on the website. The way a lead interacts with a company’s website adding to the lead score. The higher the lead score, the higher the chances of conversion into a customer. The Real Estate CRM Software helps the sales team to identify such leads and get in touch with them.  

Capturing Customer Sentiment:

With automated survey forms in lead management software, it is possible to get feedback from the prospect regarding the product and the performance of the sales executive. By analysing this data, it is possible to improve the customer experience. 

Scheduling Meeting With Sales Team

The Real Estate CRM Software makes it possible for a Channel Partner and leads to set up appointments with the sales team. This facility helps the customer schedule a meeting at a mutually convenient time and date. 

Lead Management With Sell.Do

Managing leads is easy with Sell.Do. It has features like:

  • Lead capture forms to view and track lead data from all sources, including digital campaigns
  • Lead Uniqueness: An OTP verification system ensures that lead duplication is avoided
  • 360-degree lead view: Meetings, scheduled appointments, reminders are all stored together
  • Lead Scoring: Based on certain parameters, leads are divided into positive and negative, making follow-up easier
  • Streamlining Tasks: Appointments, notes, and tasks are recorded to ensure no meeting is missed

Final Thoughts

With the CRM lead management from Sell.Do, not a single lead is missed. Response to visits by leads is instant. With lead scoring and no duplication, the conversion rates are very high. Investing in lead management CRM will turn leads to customers faster. 

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