A Brief History of Nike’s Skateboarding Line

The nike sb shoes are a footwear line of Nike that is used for skateboarding. It was introduced 19 years ago by the company to cater to the skating industry. Consequently, their skateboarding line has become significantly successful compared to the first one that they have introduced to the market. Therefore, this article would walk you through the brief history of Nike’s skateboarding line.

Before discussing the history of nike sb shoes, it is important to know some of the important people who have helped make the brand’s line more well-known. Paul Rodriguez, Eric Koston, and Stefan Janoski are the three important figureheads of the line. They all have their signature shoes that became known in the skating industry that numerous sneakerheads worldwide have valued. 

Timeline of Nike SB

The brand line nike sb shoes date back to 1997, which still exist today. Moreover, it also became famous among today’s generation of skaters. So, here are the series of events that have occurred for it to be still known at present:

  • 1997. It is the year when Nike has produced their first line of footwear for skating. However, it did not become successful due to the brands that first established their line of skateboarding equipment before them.
  • 2002. When Nike introduced the Nike SB line, the company also made the debut of SB Dunk Low before the company’s new line for skateboarding equipment. Moreover, the released shoes in this year only gained an average sale compared to the market’s competition.
  • 2004. The Nike Dunk SB’s collection manufactured the footwear that has taken the attention of people who loves to collect shoes. 
  • 2005. The company has manufactured again the Nike SB Blazer, which had some variations like a padded collar and Zoom Air insoles.
  • 2007. It is the first time that Nike has created a video advertisement for their skateboarding line entitled “Nothing but The Truth.”
  • 2008. It is the time that Elissa Steamer signed a deal with Nike SB that widen Nike’s market, specifically in the variations of their shoes for female skaters.
  • 2009. It is the first time that Nike SB Janoski was manufactured, wherein the collection for the line was designed and made by a team of skaters. Moreover, the American skater, Stefan Janoski, was the second person that has received a signature shoe from the company. 
  • 2011. The film “SB Chronicles Vol. 1,” was released this year. It was a three-part film project of Nike SB that contains a video series.
  • 2012. Nike SB and Levi’s made a collaboration that gave birth to SB Black Denim Dunk Low shoes. They have also made promotional advertisements that have highlighted Omar Salazar. 
  • 2017. Nike SB has released skating footwear this year, which is made entirely for women.
  • 2019. It is the first time that Nike SB has created a video advertisement targeting women skaters because the video consisted of an all-female skateboarder. The advertisement was entitled “Gizmo.” Furthermore, they have also released the Janoski collection again to celebrate its 10th anniversary. 

To sum it up, it is fulfilling to discover new information about various things, especially the ones you are wearing. Also, many more things have happened behind Nike’s skateboarding line, so make sure to dig well into that information and find out the things that have happened before its existence.

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