9 Stylish Barn Door Designs to Add Some Flavor to Your Home

Are you looking for a rustic element to add to your otherwise modern and contemporary home? Are you looking for something practical and durable that will hold up for years to come? If you are, consider adding a barn door to the interior of your home!

Everything from barn door handles to the door frames makes a bold statement. And, given the variety of barns, you’ll have no shortage of barn doors to choose from.

However, given that variety, how can you ensure that you end up choosing the right door?

Keep reading to learn about nine barn door designs that will take your home to the next level. 

1. Sliding Barn Doors With Reclaimed Wood

If you’re looking for something that looks like it came right from the outdoors and landed in your home, make sure that you get a barn door with reclaimed wood. It’ll add a rustic and natural element that other doors aren’t able to beat.

Don’t think that doors with reclaimed wood will look out of place, however. Many of them come with features like metal bands and square head bolts that help tie them together with the rest of your home.

What you end up with is a rustic yet striking space-saving element that fits in well to almost any house. 

2. Plank Sliding Barn Doors for the Kitchen 

One place where sliding barn doors really shine is in the kitchen. Consider getting doors with plank siding to really make a statement.

Whether they lead to a pantry full of food, your dining room, or a breakfast nook, plank sliding barn doors will look great in any sort of kitchen. Make sure that the doors you get are durable with heavy-duty wood and a solid iron rail system. 

Depending on the room that they lead to, you can keep them open all the time, or only when you need to use the space. 

3. Sliding Barn Doors in the Bedroom 

If you’re looking to tie together your rustic bedroom, sliding barn doors can look great in there, as well.

You can choose for more polished and contemporary looking doors or distressed doors that use reclaimed wood. Just make sure that the color of the doors is in line with the rest of your bedroom’s color palette. 

Regardless of whether the doors you get lead to a closet or another part of the bedroom, the traditional and modern elements of the door will look great with one another. 

4. Barn Doors With Frosted Glass

If you want something a bit more stylish, consider getting barn doors that come with frosted glass windows. These work great for bedrooms, as well as other more private areas of the house. 

Hardwood brings durability, the sliding nature of the doors provides practicality, and the frosted glass creates a look that’s reminiscent of a bygone age. 

5. Barn Doors With Glass Panes

If you want windows that you can see through, swap out the frosted glass for actual glass panes. By adding these across the entirety of the door, you end up with a rustic take on a French door.

This creates a look that is much more modern than other barn door types. Barn doors with glass panes look great in rooms that have a simple and clean color scheme. 

Living rooms, dining rooms, and porches all pair well with rustic French doors. 

6. White Sliding Barn Doors 

Instead of choosing a traditional brown or dark color, some people might be better off going with white sliding doors. You can also get a door that features large wooden panels for a modern twist on the classic panel layout. 

If you want to create a more contemporary look, make sure to hide the hardware at the top. You can use something like a curtain to do this or bring down the frame on either side to cover everything up. 

7. Glass Barn Doors

Looking for a beautiful and stylish way to tie the outside of your home with the inside? Install a set of glass barn doors.

With massive window panes, stainless steel hardware, and bright colors, glass barn doors are practical accent pieces that allow lots of light into your house. They work great as exterior doors, especially if they’re located in rooms like living rooms or foyers. 

8. Contemporary Barn Doors

If your home has a contemporary style that you want to play into, consider getting a barn door that comes with glass panels. These bring a modern look, while still holding true to the rustic origins of the door. 

Contemporary homes often have a neutral or white color scheme. Because of that, darker doors can provide a bold and striking look. When paired with the glass panes, you end up with the perfect accent piece. 

Contemporary barn doors look especially great in places such as hallways and living rooms. 

9. Privacy Barn Doors

If you want to maximize the space in your master suite, look into installing privacy barn doors. 

This style door has a single pane of frosted glass that covers most of it. This allows light to still flow in and out of the room but also ensures that you have plenty of privacy in the bathroom.

Consider getting barn door hardware pieces that conceal the rail system at the top. This will make the door look less rustic and more modern.

Try Out These Barn Door Designs in Your Home

There’s a misconception going around that barn style can’t be chic—but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Whether you’re looking to build a new home or renovate your existing one, consider trying out some of the barn door designs mentioned in this guide. 

Did you learn about some new designs? If you did, before you go and find a barn door hardware kit, make sure to check out some of our other posts for more home design guides and tips. 

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