9 Best Outdoor Patio Umbrellas of 2021

Lounging outdoors during nice weather is a favorite pastime for Americans. You can find large patio umbrellas outside many homes across the country during the summers. Whether planning a pool party or grilling outdoors, a patio umbrella is the first choice for shade for many of us.

Best patio umbrellas of 2021

When shopping for a patio umbrella, you have three broad categories to choose from – standard patio umbrellas, square umbrellas and octagonal outdoor umbrellas. Let’s look at the bestsellers in each of these categories.

Standard Patio Umbrellas

  1. 7’x7’ square patio standard umbrella

Go for the 7’x7’ standard patio umbrella if you seek convenience and versatility. These umbrellas feature high strength and polished aluminum profiles. The frame is ergonomic and sleek to fit within the standard table shafts. You can buy them in an assortment of vibrant colors or get your brand emblazoned on the fabric.

  1. 9’ octagonal patio standard umbrella

No outdoor event is complete without this robust and attractive mountable patio umbrella. It comes ready-made for insertion in the average American outdoor table. Featuring a height of 9ft, the umbrella can be vibrantly printed with your custom branding or purchased in any one of the 11 vivid colors that Flare Shade offers.

Square Premium Outdoor Umbrella Range

  1. 6’x6’ Saville square patio umbrella

Go chic with this European-styled shade solution. Take your pick for the canopy fabric from the commercial-grade olefin or imported Spanish Recasens acrylic, both of which are available in an assortment of colors. The frame features marine-grade aluminum, ensuring longer life and robust performance.

  1. 8’x 8’ Saville square patio umbrella

An attractive, high-quality patio umbrella, the 8’x8’ Saville features a durable aluminum frame and an all-weather canopy. Made with extruded marine-grade aluminum with laser engraved radial hubs, this outdoor umbrella is stable, durable and stylish. Choose from an assortment of colors or go for custom branding.

  1. 10’x10’ Saville square patio umbrella

The 10’x10’ Saville is a premium umbrella with a strong, distinct European style. This signature umbrella features a 30-face design with extruded matching symmetrical ribs. You can buy this stunning shade solution in imported commercial-grade Spanish fabric in a variety of colors or with custom branding.

Octagonal Premium Patio Umbrella Range

  1. 8’ Matisse octagonal patio umbrella

Make a bold statement with the 8’ Matisse outdoor umbrella. Sporting a 30-face pole, 8-feet in diameter and featuring a laser engraved solid aluminum hub, this umbrella is versatile as well as visually striking. The frames can be bought in either anodized silver or jet black finish. Available in plain, striped or custom canopy branding, these umbrellas are perfect for poolside parties, restaurants and cafés.

  1. 10’ Matisse octagonal patio umbrella

Want to buy the perfect heavy-duty patio umbrella for your home and business? Look no further, for the 10’ Matisse octagonal umbrella is your ideal buy. Embodying the design integrity and quality of the finest European outdoor shade solutions, the 10’ Matisse is stunning by design and versatile by use. Order it in an assortment of plain, vibrant colors or highlight your business with custom printing.

  1. 11’ Matisse octagonal patio umbrella

Want a multi-faceted and high-performing patio umbrella for any outdoor setting? Go for the 11’ Matisse octagonal umbrella. Cover your outdoor dining space, add shelter to the poolside, or protect your patio from the sun without worrying about color fading and frame life. Own this classy European style umbrella in solid plain or vibrant colors, stripes or with your brand’s custom printing.

  1. 13’ Matisse octagonal patio umbrella

Looking for large patio umbrellas? Buy Flare Shade’s 13’ Matisse octagonal patio umbrella. Built with the highest quality marine-grade aluminum, this wind-resistant patio umbrella is one of the most robust shade structures in the market. These are available in an array of rich, vibrant colors as well as custom prints.

Buying the right patio umbrella might seem easy, but there are several factors to consider. For example, do you need a rectangular patio umbrella? Will you require a patio umbrella with stand? Should you go with online patio umbrella reviews or buy an umbrella that your neighbor recommended? 

We will answer these and other questions with the below guide.

Patio umbrella buying guide

Question One: What is the best patio umbrella?

Answer: That depends.

As mentioned, there are several things to take into consideration when shopping for patio umbrellas; such as your home, environment, preference, budget and purpose. Ask yourself the following questions before buying an umbrella:

  • Where will I set it up?
  • How many people will sit underneath?
  • Do I need an outdoor table with umbrella?
  • Do I want a heavy-duty patio umbrella or a low-budget umbrella?

Answers to questions like these will help you narrow down your choices.

Two Brown Wooden Lounge Chairs at the Pool

Question Two: What should be the style of my outdoor umbrella?

Answer: The style is as important as the type of umbrella you want to buy. 

The furniture layout of the deck, the space constraints and the expected use will affect the umbrella style. You can choose from either the offset patio umbrella ranges or center pole umbrellas.

Center pole umbrellas

The defining characteristic of the center pole patio umbrellas is the presence of a straight pole, extending from the top of the canopy to its base. This type of outdoor umbrella provides effective respite from heat and direct sunlight. It is the most common style with several options to choose from.

Some common center pole umbrellas include:

  • Market umbrellas
  • Half umbrellas
  • Beach umbrellas

Offset patio umbrellas

Also known as cantilever patio umbrellas, the offset umbrellas feature a jointed or arched pole that is positioned off to one side. The canopy is supported from the side and above – allowing it to hang freely over spaces. Cantilever umbrellas are popular because they cover large areas without the obstruction of the center pole. Most cantilevers can also rotate a full 360o, making them even more flexible.

Young multiethnic women sitting on stone bench and having conversation and attentively looking away

Question Three: What frame material should I go with?

Answer: Your expectations out of your umbrella can help you close in on the right frame.

Do you want to match your outdoor umbrella stand with the other furniture on your patio? Do you want a wind-resistant patio umbrella or are you more concerned about its durability in a humid climate? Maybe you just want your umbrella to stand out.

The best quality patio umbrellas are typically made from wood, fiberglass or aluminum. Every material has its own merits and demerits.


As with any other timber furniture, a frame made from wood adds a timeless, rustic appeal to your outdoor umbrella. Wood works well in lush green environments, with nature at the forefront. A wooden pole also adds a beautiful accent to patio furniture and hardwood decks. On the downside, wood fades after prolonged exposure to rain and sun. There’s also a high possibility that the pole might snap if the wind is too strong.


Fiberglass is lightweight, strong and more flexible than wood. It is also capable of withstanding inclement weather conditions without breaking. You can get a fiberglass pole in a variety of colors to blend with any outdoor color palette. However, fiberglass can be expensive, especially if you’re only looking to set up your umbrella in your backyard for recreational purposes.


Aluminum is a great choice of material for both center pole and offset patio umbrellas. It offers a sleek, modern vibe complementing wide outdoors and minimalist décor. Reputed manufacturers, such as Flare Shade, incorporate commercial-grade, powder-coated aluminum in their umbrella support poles to add flexibility, robust quality and weather-resilience to the frame. Aluminum is rust-resistant, lightweight and relatively inexpensive. Aluminum frames also come in a variety of finishes, so you can choose the one that best complements your patio.

Question Four: What size umbrella should I buy?

Answer: This can sometimes be a bit difficult to decide. 

If the diameter of the canopy is too large, the umbrella can overpower a space and ruin the overall ambiance. On the other hand, if the canopy is too small, you won’t have enough shade underneath.

A good guideline is to measure the area you want to shade. Include the space occupied by chairs as well. After this, add about 2 to 2½ feet to each side to determine the right diameter of the canopy. Below is a list of suggested patio umbrella sizes based on the shaded area:

Shaded area Diameter of outdoor canopy
Up to 36 inches 7 to 8 feet
Up to 48 inches 8 to 9 feet
Up to 60 inches 9 to 10 feet
Up to 72 inches 10 to 11 feet
Up to 84 inches 11 to 12 feet
Up to 96 inches 12 to 13 feet
Up to 108 inches 13 to 14 feet

Question Five: Which shape patio umbrella should I choose?

Answer: The shape of your patio umbrella depends on three things.

These are:

  1. The shape of the table or space that you want to cover,
  2. Any physical impediment in the surroundings and
  3. Your personal aesthetic preference.

The most common choices are round, square and octagonal canopies. 


Go for a round umbrella if you want to cover a symmetrical space. Round canopies also complement conventional design styles. Moreover, if you are setting up your outdoor umbrella in an area with a lot of foliage, round canopies will also reduce the need to prune branches.


You can also use square canopies for symmetrical spaces for maximum shade. Square patio umbrellas accentuate contemporary décor and create an elegant, sleek appearance. When combined with parallel architectural features of your patio or deck, square canopies provide a sense of visual balance.


Rectangular canopies are the best choice for oval-shaped or longer tables. Since round and square umbrellas can overwhelm the space without leaving much room for seating and other arrangements, rectangular canopies fill this gap perfectly.

Question Six: What fabric should I use?

Answer: Choosing the fabric is the most important decision you have to make when buying an outdoor umbrella. 

Color is the most visible aspect of any umbrella. It is also what protects you from the glare and heat of the sun. There are many different materials, each of them having their own characteristics, drawbacks, benefits and cost-considerations. Some of the most popular canopy material options are acrylic, polyester and olefin.


Acrylic is usually considered the gold standard of textiles. It is resistant to the elements and maintains its color for years. Acrylic fabric is available in an assortment of colors, styles, shades and upholstery.


Polyester is luxurious to the touch and rich in color. The fabric is UV-resistant, fade-proof, mildew and water-resistant. Polyester is also available in a variety of strengths, colors and styles.


Olefin provides a high-degree of UV-protection. It is durable and stain-resistant to bleach and chlorine cleaning. 

Question Seven: Do I need any accessories with my patio umbrella?

Answer: This depends on how you are going to use your umbrella.

Are you hosting an event by the poolside in the evening? Then an offset patio umbrella with lights is the best choice. Planning a party in the winters? Many patio umbrellas come with heaters integrated into the design. A few luxury umbrellas also have in-built Bluetooth speakers that you can connect with your mobile or laptop to play party songs.

So, there you go. 9 best patio umbrella picks to jazz up your outdoor area. At Flare Shade, we pride ourselves in manufacturing and supplying a variety of café and large patio umbrellas for recreational and commercial purposes. Browse online and place your order or call us at (888) 480 0280 for any query or support.Keywords: patio umbrella, outdoor umbrella, large patio umbrellas, offset patio umbrella, rectangular patio umbrella, patio umbrella reviews, outdoor umbrella stand, heavy duty patio umbrella, patio umbrella with stand, wind resistant patio umbrella, outdoor table with umbrella, best quality patio umbrellas, offset patio umbrella with lights

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