8 Working Ways To Feel Better After A Breakups

Schools and colleges have taught us so many things, from adding and subtracting numbers to learning about history and geography. But if there’s one thing our teachers have failed to teach us in classrooms, it’s how to heal a broken heart.

Breakups can be incredibly tough, with the wound deepening with every passing day. But Anne Frank very correctly said, “Where there is hope, there is life”. Here are eight working ways to feel better after a breakup.

1. Embrace The Pain

Remember, breakups and pain always go hand-in-hand. To ignore that pain is like ignoring a wound in your body. It is very important to acknowledge the hurt caused by your partner or the relationship because, at the end of the day, we are all humans.

Unless we go through heartbreak, we won’t be able to fully heal ourselves. If needed, cry your eyes out, because these tears will help you feel lighter (and clean your eyes too!).

2. All Is Not Lost

Breakups are messy and can take a huge toll on the mind, but they do not mean the end of the world. As impossible as it sounds, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

Do not ever lose hope of finding the right person after a breakup. Just as one failed assignment does not mean the end of your college life, similarly, one breakup does not mean the end of days.

3. Introspect

This is one of the harder parts post-breakup. It is necessary to introspect or analyze one’s self to identify where the relationship went wrong. Remember, no human is flawless.

Just as your partner had their faults, you may have had yours. So, understanding and rectifying these mistakes will not only ensure a better version of you in the future but will also lead you to a happier relationship.

4. Working on other things

To keep your mind occupied, it is always advisable to immerse yourself in various activities. Try reading that book you’ve been planning to read for ages, or take out that dusty typewriter from the shelf and punch away at it.

Leading a busy life will help you achieve your commitments and also help you realize that there are so many wonderful things to do that aren’t to do with your breakup.

5. Talk About It

They say silence speaks more than words, but sometimes words speak more than silence. Talk about the breakup or your feelings to your friends, family members, or a therapist.

Talking and communicating will lessen your burden and may also give you an insight as to what went wrong in the relationship.

6. Be Single For A While

Yes, looking at other couples in love when you’re nursing your freshly inflicted wound can be torture. But do give yourself time, don’t jump back into the dating game too soon while you’re still vulnerable.

You don’t have to create that Tinder account or dial your friends-with-benefits because everyone else is doing so. Go on a self-date, spend time with yourself. You’ll see tremendous growth in you in no time. Or, on days you just can’t cope with the loneliness, call a discreet escort agency, and you will have a companion by your side in no time. 

7. Hangout with friends

Breakups can make you feel terrible and most importantly, lonely. But I’m sure you don’t want to stay like that forever. 

So, instead, call your friends, book a hotel room, call for some drinks and party! You can also pick resorts like Hilton, B&B, etc. You can also play some drinking games to make the party more fun.

8. Retail Therapy

Do we really need an excuse for shopping our hearts out? I don’t think so! Breakup or not, retail therapy surely makes us mind-blowingly happy.

Splurging a bit on the clothes you’ve had on your wishlist for so long, or buying that new pair of sneakers or makeup – it all sounds so irresistible already!

A day out in the Bikini Berlin Mall, shopping for your favorite brands will most definitely help you to get over the heartache quicker. Be careful though, you’ll still have to pay rent and electricity bills!

Over to you…

Like it or not, breakups will always be inevitable. Many people say that their breakups have been messy and dramatic, so no matter what, there will always be a phase in all our lives where we’ll have to go through insane amounts of drama and tears.

But it is important to keep in mind that we grow through all of this. Every breakup shapes us into a better person as long as we’re willing to understand and improve ourselves. Therefore, do not ever lose faith in yourself or love. Remember, you are beautiful and you deserve to love yourself the most.

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