8 Valuable Tips for Profitable Short-Term Rental Investments

With the expansion of the economy and the ever-booming private accommodation sector, the concept of vacation home investing continues to gain popularity among investors looking to diversify their portfolios. With the boost in spending power, more people find it easy to afford vacations and embark on profitable short-term rental investments.

As more investors continue to participate in the market, the short-term rental industry is becoming more competitive than ever. Relatively underused a few years back, the sector is fast becoming one of the most lucrative investment options in real estate.

Buying a vacation rental home is a viable investment decision with several benefits. They include high monthly income, getting your money paid upfront, relatively low hassle, etc. However, as lucrative as this sector is, it’s grossly under-explored, partly due to a lack of information about it.

If you’re an investor considering jumping on the wagon of vacation home investing, you need a viable plan. It’s not a venture into which you can dabble without sufficient data and information. Achieving financial freedom through this industry requires arming yourself with handy tips, some of which we’ll examine below.

1. It’s More of an Active than a Passive Investment

When investing in short-term rentals, you need to understand that it’s more of an active income-generating investment than a passive one, and you must treat it as such. Before the property can start generating a considerable amount of income, you’ve got to put in some work.

Once you’ve bought and had it upgraded, you’ll need to take care of listing and advertisement before you get some tenants. Without putting in an active effort, getting your desired income might be challenging. Over time, with the proper attention, the investment will become a source of passive income.

2. Financial Planning Is Key

Like every other viable investment option, financial planning is essential for profitable short-term rental investments. With the costly nature of most luxury properties, you might not be able to pay at once to initiate an investment.

To make things easy for yourself, consider creating a viable financial plan to go through the purchase. Provide yourself with some cushion by initiating dropping 20% as a down payment. When you do this, there’ll be a reduction in the risk of taking on high monthly mortgage payments.

Also, good financial planning enables you to plan for repairs and maintenance, both of which the property may require to generate desired income.

3. Short-Term Rentals Go Beyond Vacation Homes

When many people hear the phrase “short-term rentals,” the first thing that comes to their mind is “vacation homes.” But, you need to understand that short-term rentals don’t have to be vacation homes-related. Merely renting a space to someone in your community for a short period can make you as much money as renting out a vacation home.

Your short-term rental services can be to folks that want a “staycation,” those that need a temporary shelter while they get their house renovated, or those that need somewhere to cool off during a medical visit. There’s no limit to the form in which short-term rentals can come.

4. Be Smart About the Location You Choose

Like other real estate investment avenues, location is a determining factor in the success of the short-term rental industry. Not all areas have the same marketing potentials. For profitable short-term rental investments, finding an ideal location is essential.

However, finding the perfect spot can be tricky. Unlike the traditional real estate market, where the quality and demand rate of a location determines the value of a property, the short-term rental industry follows a contrasting pattern.

So, when you want to buy a vacation rental investment property, do your due diligence and embark on extensive research on the most profitable places to put your money. Getting acquainted with local laws and regulations concerning the short-term industry before investing will also help in finding out if a specific location will be ideal or not.

5. Adopt a Dynamic Pricing Strategy

The short-term rental industry is unique and operates dynamically. In setting rates and prices, flexibility is a common factor. You can’t put a constant value on your listing due to the ever-changing nature of influencing factors like time, demand, supply, etc. Doing this might bring the customers, but it’ll most likely affect the profits.

To be on the safer side of things, consider adopting a dynamic strategy when pricing your listing. The design must consider those ever-changing factors.

6.  Buy an Ideal Property

The kind of property you buy has a long-term implication on the viability of your investment. While it’s always a good idea to look out for a property that costs you less and gets you more, getting an ideal one is essential. Don’t merely up and purchase a house because it’s cheap – it usually comes with dire consequences.

Take your time, research extensively, and be patient. The moment you pay for a property is when your profit-making starts. When making your first short-term rental investment, let the property be in your local area, as it’ll enable you to see the property first-hand and assess it very well.

Please don’t rely solely on pictures as they can be deceiving. Take a physical tour of the property and its neighborhood and decide if it’s a good fit.

7. Understanding the Competition is Essential

Understanding your competition and crafting strategies to beat them is essential to gain massively on a short-term rental investment. Before choosing and paying for a property, carry out a careful study of the competition and plan how to take over the market. Doing this will help you have a profitable investment.

8. Adequate Marketing Helps Your Case

A short-term rental investment can only give you the desired profits when you invest in marketing. One effective way to do this is by getting fantastic, high-quality photographs of the property, which you can share with prospective customers. To do this, you need the service of a professional photographer that can capture the beauty of the property from every angle and render them into captivating pieces.

Also, social media is an effective marketing tool – consider creating accounts on various platforms and market your property.


The short-term rental industry is full of potentials and poses a viable investment option for budding investors. If you could not get in on the rave of land and apartment building investment, it provides you with another opportunity to gain financial freedom and independence through real estate.

Are you ready to join this booming industry but unsure of how to go about things? Visit The Short Term Shop to get all the help and insights you require to succeed.

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