8 Types Of Ute Tool Boxes You Must Know About

Utes are pretty popular with Australians. Ute season often occurs when the financial year draws close, or the Australians refer to it as “tax time.” We have finished the first half of the year 2021. According to the figures, a total of 567,468 utes have been sold in the Australian market.

Utility vehicles are referred to as utes informally. This term may refer to various things depending on where you live, but it is often used to refer to a truck. Utes are the ute tool boxes that are distinguishing characteristics of a utility vehicle. When used in the outback, this term refers to vehicles having their tops removed behind the front seats, generally referred to as pick up trucks. These trucks are used to transport oversized items, such as canopies, or to transport the camping equipment. It is when toolboxes come in to play a role.

What are toolboxes, and how do they work?

Toolboxes are self-explanatory in their design. They are toolboxes that are used to hold various tools. The needs of the owner typically determine the contents of these containers. The following are the two kinds of toolboxes available for trucks:

Cross Boxes

These boxes, also known as saddle boxes, are slidable boxes that may be reached from all sides, much like saddles. They are simple to put together, making them the most popular sort of ute toolbox.

Chests boxes

Chests boxes are designed to seem like treasure chests. They have just one aperture on the top and only one means of storing items.

Toolboxes for the canopy

In addition to extended journeys and camping excursions, these ute tool boxes are also often used for other purposes. As a result, these boxes have a wide range of applications, some of which are detailed below:


A common rail and multiple cabs are required for these toolboxes to function correctly. Designed to function as trundle drawers, they are constructed of A-grade aluminium. Because they are positioned at the car’s rear, they are also equipped with LED lights in the rear tray. It has a loading capacity of around 80kg. 

Canopy Boxes 

Camping boxes are explicitly designed for long-term or camping excursions at further off distances. These boxes can handle two different capacities of weight thanks to their wholly reinforced floors. They feature a roof load capacity of 300kg and equipment to offload capacity of 500kg. They also include two whale locks to keep your belongings safe. These boxes are constructed of heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant A-grade aluminium for durability and strength.

Dog Boxes that are half the size of a complete dog box

In terms of construction, this is relatively similar to canopy boxes. These ute tool boxes, on the other hand, provide a dual storage function. Not only do they serve as an airy home for your animal companions, but the second half of the box also serves as a refrigerator for storing food. They accomplish this dual-purpose box by placing a split door in the centre of the box. 

Pantry Sliding Doors

These are also developed specifically for use with canopies. When we go on extended camping vacations, we often prepare a day’s lunch or bring along food that can be stored easily. However, it usually becomes a headache when we take them out of our suitcase and realise we have no place to put them! Essentially, pantry slides function as portable sliding cabinets, allowing you to organise your kitchen utensils and food products easily. In addition, these slides are simple to install since they have three built-in shelves, one big and too little.

Holders for Steel Wheels

These are designed for long-distance touring adventures. It contains a flawless locking mechanism to keep tyres up to 38 inches in diameter from being stolen and store them up to 38 inches in diameter. The mechanism may be modified in various ways to guarantee that the wheel’s weight is distributed equally. It is constructed of heavy-duty industrial steel and includes several different mounting options.

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