8 Things to Know About Moving to New York

Well, yes, it has been a dream of yours to move into a massive glamorous city like New York one day, and your hard work has finally paid off. You got the opportunity to work in the biggest industry, and the paycheck is one that others will envy. Now, you are likely to travel from a completely different city or country, and the cultural shock will be huge to take in. So, learning about the things beforehand will help your mind to prepare for what you are about to enjoy in NYC. So, let’s not waste any time and get to learn about 8 major things that you must know before moving to New York.

  1. Book your rooms beforehand:

NYC is one of the busiest cities in all of the USA. So, there are loads of people who live harmoniously over here and going on with their daily lives. Now, to be prepared beforehand, it is important to pre-book your rented rooms. If you are just waiting to reach the city before booking your rooms, then you will not get the best ones and have to deal with the worst options. So, make sure to book Williamsburg rooms for rent from your starting destination only!

  1. Your phone is your best friend:

Being new in this city, you know nothing about the best cafes or theaters to visit. Well, not to worry, as people from NYC are tech-savvy, and they have created apps for everything. So, once you have your phone loaded with apps, you are good to go and move anywhere alone. For example, the app Seamless will help you to get the restaurant food delivered to your doorstep, and TodayTix provides discounted tickets to Broadway shows!

  1. Be aware of the subway journeys:

It is true that subways are the most convenient ways to reach your destination, but they can get sweaty and crowded down there. Moreover, you will witness multiple kinds of people over here. So, always keep your eyes open, and you will surely be surprised!

  1. They are in love with round foods:

If you are in NYC, then you have to try out their bagels and doughnuts. Well, that’s what this city is known for, and people have a weird fascination towards round sweet food. The best part is that you have plenty of flavor options to try out every day. So, getting bored is not an option!

  1. Ways to get around:

Well, no one in NYC will drive, and the cabs are really very expensive. Moreover, let’s not talk about traffic in here! So, get yourself the Metrocard from your nearby station and take the subway if you want to get around easily and reach your destination on time. During weekends, some trains will run less and walking will be your good call. But, overall, the subway journey is the get-go for newbies.

  1. Create a budget before eating:

It might sound a bit weird at first, but you have to eat always on a budget when you are in NYC. Just like living and traveling, eating is also way expensive in Big Apple. So, if you haven’t created a monthly budget for your eating plan, then you are up for some serious debts later! Avoid that by creating a budget when you get the paycheck at the starting of the month.

  1. Now for the healthcare:

Well, you must remember that USA healthcare is not free universally, and if you don’t have insurance, it can get pretty expensive. But, make sure to don’t need one by maintaining good health. For some good advices on health insurance policies, speak to your school or company that you are traveling with.

  1. Hard to get personal space:

NYC is a pretty crowded city, and you cannot expect to get personal space all the time. Well, bumping into people while walking is a common scenario over here, so you better get used to that. Whether going for a subway ride or just taking a walk in the street, you will have hundreds of people surrounding you from everywhere. 

Make sure to keep a check on these points, and you will find it beautiful to live in NYC. In the end, you will create some amazing memories to cherish forever.

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