8 OnlyFans Alternatives for Adult Models

OnlyFans is used by millions of users to browse amateur adult content of all kinds. It is likewise loved by the content creators who connect with their fans on this platform. 

Not just adult industry creators, the platform features celebs from all verticals. Users can browse not just uploaded amateur content but also place requests for exclusive, custom videos with their favorite OnlyFans creators.  

However, OnlyFans is not the only site with this amazing selling point. After the massive success of this business model, several sites like OnlyFans have popped on the internet, and each site offers something unique to attract as many users. 

So, if you have been working on OnlyFans to sell adult content, you should take a look at these OnlyFans alternatives, too. You may ask why?

Since OnlyFans is kind of bigshot now, it tries to cater to every kind of content creator and consumer. This presents two different kinds of challenges for the two kinds of users (models and fans):

  • Fans find it hard to filter out models and content that align with their fetishes. Kind of like Pornhub where you spend several minutes just looking for the content you may like. 
  • Creators find it difficult to be noticed on this massive platform among the hoard of thousands of creators like them. If you are not a celeb, it’s kind of impossible to stand out on OnlyFans. 

That’s why an OnlyFans alternative or yet another niche site like OnlyFans may present a better chance at finding niche content easily as a consumer and a less competitive but big enough site for selling niche content as a creator. 

Top 8 Sites like OnlyFans for Adult Models

  1. Unlockd.me

Unlock.me is kind of new in this market, and probably that’s why it’s even a better OnlyFans alternative. You have a shot at becoming one of the early models on this site and rise in the top charts pretty quickly. It may be new but not less efficient than OnlyFans. 

Along with 85% pay-outs, you can find every other monetization channel: monthly subscriptions, premium social media, private messaging, tipping, premium videos, custom content selling, and much more. They also allot dedicated account managers who help you upscale your profits. 

  1. IsMyGirl

IsMyGirl is a perfect OnlyFans alternative. While OnlyFans is bouncing between the mainstream non-adult internet and the adult industry, IsMyGirl is clear about its intentions. 

It’s not just adult-friendly but dedicated to the adult industry and adult content creators. Perhaps that’s why IsMyGirl pays out only 70% in contrast to 80% pay-outs by the OnlyFans; it offers a more filtered and niche traffic to the creators. 

As per monetization channels are concerned, the platform entertains almost every other revenue stream as on OnlyFans: Premium clips, subscriptions, live camming, private messaging, and more. 

  1. JustForFans

JustForFans is another extraordinary site like OnlyFans that boasts of a well-organized membership platform. It is an adult membership-based fan club site that utilizes every comparable channel that OnlyFans offers. 

Additionally, they make weekly Pay-outs and are backed by a vast majority of modern and traditional payment channels, including Cryptocurrency. The platform supports both models and studio accounts along with revenue generation channels such as PPV messages, clips selling, and memberships, etc. The pay-out scale is 70% to the new models and 80% once they spend some time on the platform.

  1. iWantFanClub

The iWantFanClub is a part of iWant network, which highlights popular names such as iWantClips, iWantPhone, and iWantCustomClips. As the name says, iWantFanClub is a devoted fan club platform of this network. 

It utilizes straightforward premium social media income streams that draw in both adult and non-adult content creators. In any case, the owners are evident that it is never going to restrict adult content. Hence, it could be a powerful OnlyFans alternative. 

The website is new in the market, but since it’s part of a popular network, it draws some good adult traffic. You can keep 72% of your earnings generated through channels such as fan club subscriptions, video clips, photos, and PPV messages.  

  1. ManyVids

ManyVids is closest to OnlyFans in terms of popularity. However, it offers a lot more than what you can find on OnlyFans. Besides adult fanclub membership, ManyVids features an overall adult marketplace, wrapping both adult entertainment and adult novelty products. 

So, apart from Monetization channels similar to OnlyFans, you can also find additional channels such as custom adult content requests, selling fan merchandise, and social media takeover, too. The model pay-outs range between 60%-80% depending on the age and popularity of your model or studio account. 

  1. Escapenow.tv

Escapenow.tv presents itself as a mainstream premium social media platform, but it also works as a webcam modeling site. In short, it offers monetization channels from both segments to maximize your revenue and grow your fan base. 

Just like OnlyFans, the platform features a large number of adult and mainstream names from the world of modeling, Vlogging, live streaming, acting, and many more verticals. They also help creators in securing brand collaborations and sponsorships. 

The commission percentage has not been mentioned on the platform. It seems there are different cuts for different models. You might have to cut a good deal by yourself. However, there is although an additional fixed 15% transaction fee on every pay-out, which is taken by the payment gateways. 

  1. Loyalfans

If you are thinking about trying your luck in the adult modeling or camming industry, Loyalfans is the place to start. As the name suggests, Loyalfans gives you every opportunity to in cash your fan base that you have created on social media or through your line of work.  

It’s open to everyone, irrespective of gender expression or sexual orientation. As long as you are over the age of 18, this platform can help you monetize your fan base on every aspect that OnlyFans does. The pay-outs make 80% of what you make on the platform, and they happen twice a month. The minimum payout amount is $50.  

  1. MYM.fans

MYM.fans too is a premium social media platform, which you can use for monetizing your fan base via recurring fees. You are also free to make your profile public. 

Nevertheless, a major proportion of the earnings on this platform comes from monthly subscriptions and custom content requests. It’s free to sign-up and you can start working as soon as your profile is verified.  

The pay-outs range between 75% and 90%, depending on the types of business. For example, you earn 75% on memberships, 80% on video and images, and 90% on tips from the fans. Apart from this, a fixed 7% fee is also deducted from every pay-out as a bank transaction fee.

Which one is better? 

I suggest you consider three major factors before choosing a platform like OnlyFans:

  • Things you are comfortable with out of the things that the platform offers. For example, If I am not comfortable with camming, but the platform features camming as its major service, I would avoid the platform. I would look for a platform that offers my preferred monetization channels as their primary offerings. 
  • The Rev Share percentage, along with additional benefits such as technical support, marketing assistance, brand exposure, top model contests. For example, oftentimes, top models make a lot more than average models. So, if the platform has an algorithm to highlight models based on their performances in the previous week/month, it gives a fair chance to every model to come into the limelight.  
  • Flexibility to work on multiple platforms at a time. Models often end-up working on multiple websites to expand their exposure and revenue. I would avoid platforms that bar me from working on other websites. This will also allow me to create my own website once I secure enough popularity. 

It is, in fact, pretty easy to build sites like OnlyFans if you know the precise ways. You can use a turnkey script like xFans and Set up such a platform without any coding knowledge. 

By simply installing the script on your web-server, you can straightway set up an OnlyFans clone similar to all these names in the post. Just lookout for the features and monetization channel you need. You can create your own business model by enabling/disabling respective features. 

Apart from this, if the script comes with unencrypted source code, it is even possible to customize your website any time you need some new features. 

This is applicable only when you are aiming to earn higher amounts on your own site. If you think you cannot manage a website, working for these third-party sites is also not a bad idea. It is just that you would be paying a large chunk of your income to them. The decision is yours. How do you want to choose your OnlyFans alternative?

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