8 Best Resume Writing Tips To Help You get a Job

For getting a job in any kind of formal sector the applicant needs to have a good resume that can satiate the needs of the employer. Therefore in order to land a job you must have a distinctive resume. Almost all of the employers depend on the resume of the applicant whether they are fit for the post on which hiring will be done. Your resume imprints the 1st impression in the employer’s eye. Thus an applicant must have a resume in the most impressive way that the organisation or the company won’t be able to ignore or deny it. 

Since most organisations or businesses hire employees based on the quality of the resume. 

As most companies in the USA are dependent upon the software to sort out applications for the job. And when the resumes are not written in a standard manner or it doesn’t look good aesthetically then there is a greater chance that it will be rejected. This rule also applies for when the sorting is done physically. So the applicant needs to be very careful while choosing every word as well as the format of your resume. Subsequently important points like Resume Formats, word count, readability etc cannot be ignored too for a gratifying image in front of the hiring people. 

In this article you will get to know the exclusive Resume Writing Tips to gain the massive edge over the competition.

Top resume writing tips :

1. Highlight your strength 

Highlighting your strength in your resume is the most important and primary thing to consider by any individual. As most of the people possess the right skills but they are not expressive in showing their strong points from their resume. Thus it is always beneficial to make a resume of your own strengths boldly and reduce the probability of facing rejection in the very first phase of your hiring process. 

2. Customization

Read the essential requirements asked by the employer for the post that you are going to apply and make customization. You must keep the desired skills you possess in the first stage of skills. Thus you will instantly gain the attention of the person who is reading and shortlisting based on your resume. In addition to that you can drop the experience or skills that are irrelevant for the post you are applying for. Similarly keep yourself always aware and do tweaks according to the requirements, as small changes can become a large factor for job selection. 

3. Resume formats 

While writing a resume the format of the resume plays an important factor in getting selected or rejected. Sometimes the format should be presented into a chronological order to be easily comprehended by the reader. Whereas some jobs need not the skills and experience in a chronological order so consider the nature of job requirement while setting the format of your resume. However some posts require a hybrid format or mix of different styles, so always keep in mind the kind of post you are applying for. 

4. Right selection of font

Questions like “What is the right font for writing a resume?” is one of the most asked questions over the internet regarding the resume font. Right selection of fonts are tiny but quintessential skills for resume writing. 

As the employer has only limited time for reviewing the resume of the applicant so the font of the resume should be clean and tidy. In other words the resume font should look and reflect easily the points to be considered for the successful hiring.

Therefore always select tidy fonts like arial or font called time new roman while writing your resume. And choose the appropriate size of the font i.e between 10 to 12. Thus choosing the right size and style of the font we can have the resume that is clear and very easy to read out. And imprint a professional impression in the eyes of the employer. 

5. Make the contact information perspicuous

It is very necessary in a resume to have clearly visible contact details. In other words all the necessary details such as email address, mobile number, address particulars, etc should be mentioned clearly. In addition to that if required add a link to your professional social media profile such as Linkedin, sumry, angellist, etc. your linkedin profile displays the professional side of your career till now and gives an extra edge to the people who don’t have. This will make the managers or hiring agent to quickly get into your contact and massively push your selection chances. 

6. Concise bullet points 

If you want to stand out from your competitors while applying for the job then concise bullet points can be a game changer for your hiring. Keep in mind while writing your bullet points that you have to highlight the skills that you are good at, which is relevant to the position you are applying for. Enlist your relevant achievements should be preferred rather than every achievement you have accomplished till date. Additionally the hiring persons prefer that the bullet points should not be more than 4 in number per resume.

For example if Mary was a personal assistant then she should not mention her daily work instead she should mention her achievements. Such as saving time, creating a bond between employee at the institution, contribution in profit generation, etc

7. Make your resume stand out with skills

One must learn the art of making his or her resume pop out in the eyes of the employer. Provide the set of skills you have achieved from your past career such as Teamwork Skills, dynamic adaptation, non enervation, etc. It is very helpful when the hiring person skimmed through your resume by reading the whole resume in a few seconds. Therefore your resume must have things in the right order and with perfect titles. To stand out in front of those kinds of readers you must mention the job title, name of the company, employment date, etc very clearly. Since these are the crucial points of the article the person will read and it should be displayed clearly. Additionally the content of your resume should not be congested or too much spaced out.

8. Use powerful words

In your resume the impact of powerful words plays a significant role to dazzle the bosses. Therefore the selection of active and powerful words is necessary. For example words like earned, accomplished, achieved, etc stand out. Always be decisive with the intensity of words and use according to the requirements of the work. Additionally the selection of words should not be too catchy or dull. Keep the words formal and short to leave a distinctive imprint out of the box. 

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