8 Best Free PDF Editors: Edit Your PDF Online

           A hallmark of a good business is organization, and the best way to be organized is to have all your documents in order. While it might be difficult to always have all your documents organized, filled in, signed, and saved to the right place, there are tools to make that process easier. One of the most useful tools to keep you or your business organized is the PDF. A PDF is a popular and versatile type of document. They can be worked with using a PDF editor. PDF editors can be found online, and there are many different PDF editors to choose from. But how can you decide which one to use?  

When looking for a free online PDF editor, the main things to look for are tools and the difference(s) between paid and free versions. Some editors are free but come with limitations or ads. When browsing PDF editors, check out what options they offer: What tools do they have? Do they say free, but then later ask for card details? Editors are essential tools for someone working in an office setting, and choosing the right PDF editor can seem daunting, but to narrow it down, here are eight of the best free PDF editors available online right now that can help your business stay organized and focused on improving results.

1. Lumin PDF

           Of all the online PDF editors, one of the most useful in an office setting is Lumin PDF. Lumin PDF offers all the standard PDF editing tools and then some. If you need to fill in a fillable PDF document, it can do that of course, but there is a key feature to Lumin PDF which sets it apart from its competitors. Lumin PDF allows users to work with their or their business’ Google Drive account. With Lumin PDF you can upload a document from Google Drive and begin to work on it, and when you are finished, save it to your Google Drive account. This feature is great if many people are working on one document such as a contract or legal agreement. With this advantage, Lumin PDF excels and is a great tool to edit PDFs.


           Sejda is a user-friendly PDF editor, which can edit a PDF, and help you fill in data on a fillable PDF form. It is a great tool for people who do not have much experience working with PDFs and PDF editors. Although Sejda PDF is a free PDF editor, the free version does not include as many features as the paid version. This does not make it unusable though as most basic functions are still available for free.


           A popular online PDF editor, Smallpdf is used worldwide by many different users in many countries. There is a free version that offers what most users need. It can be used to edit PDFs, convert documents, and generally manage PDFs. It is a great office tool for businesses, but for some users new to working with PDFs, there might be a slight learning curve.


           PDFescape is a solid PDF editor, but it comes with a catch. It is an excellent tool for PDF management and editing PDFs, besides this, it also has a great PDF conversion tool that allows users to convert documents without major unintended format changes. The problem though is that although there is a free version of PDFescape, you must watch ads while using it. This can be bothersome and isn’t for everyone. If you can get past this, then PDFescape can be a useful tool.

5.PDFelement 6

           PDFelement 6 is a great alternative for people who want to skip some of the more complex and harder-to-use PDF editors. It has an easy to use interface and an overall good user experience. It is somewhat similar to PDFescape in that it has a powerful PDF converter. Besides this, it has all the standard editing tools (editing, merging/splitting, and so on) There are some advertisements while using the free version, but they are not so distracting.

6.Adobe Acrobat

           Adobe Acrobat is probably the PDF editing service most people are familiar with. Although it is an excellent PDF editor, there are some drawbacks. Adobe Acrobat has been around for a long time and comes with many great tools. If you are working in a large office setting, you have probably worked with it before. Adobe Acrobat does offer some free services, but it is generally an expensive PDF editor relative to others available on the market. In addition to this, Adobe Acrobat is not as easy to use as some others. This is partially due to how good it is since it offers a lot of options that other PDF editors don’t. Adobe Acrobat is a high-end PDF editor that is great but not for everyone.

7.Nitro Pro 10

           Nitro Pro 10 can be a bit deceiving at first glance. It has a somewhat different interface compared to some others on this list. While it might not win the award for the most attractive PDF editor, it offers a superior product relative to its appearance. With Nitro Pro 10, you can fill out editable PDFs, merge, convert, and many other things. It is free and it is a quality PDF annotator and PDF manager.


           Ilovepdf is a well-reviewed PDF editor that offers a multitude of tools. With Ilovepdf you can do more than just edit PDFs. You can merge, convert, compress, and manage them. One cool feature with Ilovepdf is that it saves your converted files. So, with this, it gives you an additional feature that some others don’t. For some, this is not a factor, but it does help you stay organized. Ilovepdf is a great free PDF editing option.

           Finding free tools online can sometimes be tricky, but there are many options for free online PDF editing tools. If you are interested in working with PDFs then one of these will undoubtedly help you achieve your desired goals.

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Last modified: September 18, 2021

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