7 Ways to Create a Gorgeous Bedroom

Don’t underestimate the power of a gorgeous bedroom – the most private room of the house. A bedroom is not just a room, it’s a place where you relax & recharge and let your body prepare for tomorrow. And only limited people can access that, hence this room of your house needs to be seamlessly designed.

Unlike the rest of the house where everything is designed with guests in mind and the living room offers a rare opportunity to put your personal style on full display. You tend to adorn it with a soothing color scheme, chic bed frame and great sheets. But it isn’t enough!

Designing a bedroom that perfectly reflects your personality requires time and effort. It’s not impossible, but it needs expert advice. Who better than Dekor Company can help you create one? Check these easy hacks that elevate your bedroom decor and help you create your own happy place.

In an attempt to reduce the wardrobe for clear space, it might cost you storage. Shallow built-in shelving can come to the rescue in this case by providing extra storage and maintaining floor space. But if you don’t have these, you can add Dekor Company’s wall shelves.

Along with providing storage, fancy wall-mounted shelves add a touch of elegance to your home decor. Dekor Company’s shelves come in wood, marble, and metal. These are India’s finest range of wall decors with modern, mid-century, colonial, contemporary, and industrial designs.

You can decorate them with Dekor Company paintings, decoration items, books, indoor plants, picture frames, candy jars, and more. There are plenty of home decorations items online to choose from.

One common mistake that most people make is to clutter the bedroom in an attempt to bring in all the aesthetics. They create a mess and no space is left for passage. Enough space for clear movement is extremely necessary. A minimum distance of three feet should be there in between bedroom furniture pieces. This will leave you plenty of room to stagger in and out of bed, in a semi-sleepy state, without having to worry about knocking anything over.

Keep enough free space around all three sides of the bed. You can do this by recessing the wardrobe into a wall or having a chest of drawers for smaller items and by ensuring that the bed is not placed within the opening arc of these wardrobe doors and drawers either. Similarly for the entrance, pathway to the dressing table and exit to balcony or pool.

How can we forget the furniture in the Bedroom? Well, there’s a lot more to bedroom furniture than just bed and wardrobe. One needs to carefully measure the bedroom’s dimensions and the position of windows and doors to decide upon the type, size, and layout of the furniture used inside.

You can look for accent furniture as well such as side tables, ottomans, and accent chairs. They can compose a compact lounge inside the bedroom for reading & working. Side tables can be used for keeping showpieces, table lamps, and other essentials. Apart from being functional, these furniture items help you flaunt your dynamic decor edge, especially when items are from Dekor Company.

Our ottomans and accent chairs are extremely soft and luxurious. Made from supreme fabric and lousy design, they let you sit comfortably without occupying extra space. Accent tables on the other hand are sturdy and durable. There are options of wooden as well as marble ones. You will be surprised to know that all of them are intricately detailed with gold metal accents. Furnish the furniture you like.

Everyone enjoys the process of creating one’s own wall decor. And we know that you are already mesmerized by Dekor Company’s wall accents. From textured paintings, mural designs, patterned designs, framed wall arts, canvas, prints, 3D panel paintings, shadow boxes, wall clocks, and metal wall art, we have everything.

Thoughtful nature’s sceneries, contemporary arts, and abstract geometrics, our artisans have crafted museum-worthy wall art. All our products are painstakingly manufactured with top-quality raw materials and made durable to last you a lifetime.

Buy paintings online India from Dekor Company because they will create a focal point and enhance the wall treatments. Use strip and backlights to create a halo effect as an accent feature. Wall accents are a sure way to uplift your bedroom decor with a statement art piece and act as a great conversation starter.

We agree that there is nothing like natural light to infuse your bedroom with comfort and cheer. And ordinary LEDs or tube lights won’t do justice to the extravagant bedroom you are designing. Pay a little more attention in selecting Dekor Company’s floor lamps and table lamps. These are handpicked international pieces, made of glass, metal, marble, and wood. There are some table lamps in ivory and marble as well. Floor lamps come with an additional desk and charging points as well, so sleek yet so functional.

Position wall mirrors or the dressing table so that they catch their light and illuminate the room. In addition to this, you can try candles both scented and nonscented. The soft ambient lighting of candles gives a warm, overall glow to the bedroom and so on. Pair them with Dekor Company’s glass and metal candle stands. You can pick a standalone piece or get a set of 3. All are regal and uniquely handcrafted.

The mere presence of certain plants and flowers in your bedroom can actually help you sleep better. These fronds and flowers are some of the best bets for lulling you off to dreamland.

Also, certain houseplants purify the air inside. But how will you place them in your bedroom?

The best option is to bring home Dekor Company’s premium vases. We feature some of the best ceramic and hand-blown vase pieces in colonial, Persian, and modern aesthetics. They come in both bold and bright pastel hues with golden metal details. The world’s best artists have handcrafted them just for you to buy. Dekor Company’s ceramic vases are nothing out of the ordinary.

Switch from a plain glass flower vase to our flower vase that looks expensive and luxurious but is really affordable. Witness how a little bit of greenery by your bedside will give you a more restful night.

The last thing you need to focus on is your bedroom floor. But don’t worry we have got it covered for you. A statement carpet or rug would do. Our latest rug collection has some panache throw rugs and area rugs.

We have painting canvas rug, tye and dye rug, abstract rug, patterned floor rug, and geometric floor rug. There are both power-loomed and hand-loomed rugs. Material is top-notch with elegant colors and intricate detailing. Whether you crave a minimalist sanctuary and a bold boudoir, there’s plenty of options for everyone.

The best thing is that they feel good on toes after long slumbers and last really long. You should put one near the bed or underneath the settee or accent chair and see how your bedroom goes from good to best.

Beauty sleep has never looked so good. Go check out the latest editions and offers available on Dekor Company online store.

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