7 Interesting Facts About the Shipping Industry

Are you aware of how much we all rely on the shipping industry?

It is at the very heart of all commercial dynamics in modern society. We rely on it to receive essentials like groceries and household items. But, without it, we also wouldn’t be able to buy items like clothes and electronics so easily.

The shipping industry has developed enormously over the last decades. It is now faster and more reliable than ever before.

But it’s hard to explain just how much the shipping industry has evolved, and how much we rely on it, without some hard facts. In this article, we take you through seven essential facts about the shipping industry!

1. Artificial Intelligence Is Key

Yes, that’s right. Without artificial intelligence, the modern shipping industry would be vastly less reliable. We use AI to do things like predict weather and choose optimal shipping roots.

We even now have driverless ships!

2. Automation Is Growing

Another major technological evolution in the shipping industry is the use of automation. These days, ships can load and unload themselves to maximize efficiency.

Combined with AI, a cargo shipping container can also now automatically monitor its own temperature when transporting perishable goods. Just another one of the little-known facts about cargo ships!

3. It Works Like a Finely Tuned Clock

Even the smallest margins make a big difference to how well the shipping industry works. This means that performance monitoring is now a major aspect of all shipping routes.

Just like we use science to monitor the performance of athletes, we do the same thing for our ships.

4. Blockchain on the Rise

The industry that is going to be most affected by blockchain technology over the next two to three decades may very well be the shipping industry.

Blockchain is already being trialed in certain shipping routes. This makes the whole logistical supply chain run smoothly. As goods are loaded and unloaded, everything is recorded in the blockchain, and time isn’t wasted on manual checking.

5. It’s Going Green

One of the important facts about shipping is that it is rapidly going green. The shipping industry has been traditionally heavy on fossil fuels. But maritime agencies and shipping companies are both making a big push for carbon neutrality!

6. It’s Adapting Quickly

Unlike many other industries that are developing because of competition alone, the shipping industry has to adapt for other reasons. And it is. Fast.

Being global the shipping industry is affected by sharp geopolitical shifts, and it needs to move quickly in the next decade to become resilient.

7. We Need It

Of all the shipping facts, perhaps the most important is that we need it. Without it, our supermarket shelves would be looking pretty empty, and so would our clothing cupboards.

The Shipping Industry Will Always Be Interesting

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the shipping industry with these interesting facts. But you should realize that these facts are always changing.

One thing you can be sure of is that the shipping industry will always be interesting because it changes so fast and so often!

If you’ve found these facts interesting, why not check out some of our other great articles on shipping industry developments?

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