6 Ways Businesses Can Use Maps to Boost Engagement on their Site

Maps have been around for a long time. There’s a reason why they work well with business. Here, we’re going to give you six tips that will help your business use maps to their full advantage for marketing and sales purposes.

1. Tell a Story

Maps provide a great way to tell your customers how you got where you are today. You can use maps to explain how you source your products or even where they’re produced. It’s an easy way to get people interested in the story of your business.

2. Get Customers Moving

Maps allow you to get people moving. It’s an engaging way to tell some stories, and getting them out of the house is always good for business. Think about sending customers on the right path through your business with things such as an interactive map or a story to tell.

3. Create a Placeholder

You can create a placeholder for your business and have your customers navigate it to understand more about you. You can use maps to have people see how you’re different from your competitors.

You may want to make a note of your location so that you can help people identify with something more than just where you’re located. For example, perhaps you’re a part of a gentrification project that has turned a bad part of town into a thriving business community. Your location tells a story that might be as important as the business itself.

4. Make it Interactive

Maps are just as interactive as any other type of content. You can use maps to augment your website by having small popups or images link to the main map. This can help you get people just where you want them. Also, why not include a small chat box along with the map to have customers ask you questions about your location?

5. Guide Customers

Just like you might show customers how to find you, you can use maps to guide them through your business. It’s a great way to create an immersive experience for your customers, one that helps them understand and relate to your business in a different way.

You can use a live map to demonstrate the location of your business, or you may want to create a static map that is put on a landing page or shared with other people interested in your business.

6. Make It Fun

Ensure that you’re making your map fun and engaging. It’s a way to get people excited about your business and what you do. You can use maps in fun ways to help get people interested in your products.

Be Creative and Make It Easy for Customers to Find You

Using a map creator can help you connect with customers by allowing them to visualize where you’re located. Online marketing is all about connecting. Therefore, people want to use maps, as they can do so in an interactive and fun way.

When it comes to using maps, be creative. To use a map that will help you get customers moving towards your business, you have to tell a story.

In the end, your business is about location. You have to have one. And you need to do whatever you can to help people find you.

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