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6 types of bridal jewelry that never go out of trend

Weddings are a special time, often marked by many shopping trips for both the bride and groom. Hectic shopping trips to clothing and Indian jewelry stores and elaborate planning to get the ‘bridal look’ right is done. Through all this is a gnawing unsure of whether you’re choosing jewelry that’s trendy and will last you long. So, before all this begins, it’s wise to research online and find out the latest trends in both jewelry and clothing.

Shopping for bridal jewelry isn’t as easy as it seems. Ranging from traditional choices to more contemporary ones, there’s plenty of variety both online and offline. While you too may get tempted to go with the current trends, buying Indian bridal jewelry that’s classic and can be worn in the future is the best bet. This way, you will buy jewelry that is never out of fashion and keeps your style quotient high. Here, we list 6 such types of jewelry that you should look out for.

Temple jewelry

Crafted for the Gods and Goddesses in temples, this jewelry slowly became chosen ornaments for many Indian brides. Today, temple jewelry is trendy and an essential aspect of South Indian weddings especially. These pieces, often crafted in pure gold, come with motifs of Gods and Goddesses and other holy elements such as lotus flowers, bells, and animal motifs.

Changeable jewelry

Jewelry that offers the flexibility to be used in both elaborate and straightforward form is another practical option. An example in case is the waist belt. While the bridal look is incomplete without a waist belt, there are only a few future occasions when you may wear a waist belt. Changeable waist belts are now available in the model of an elaborate necklace. So, while these look stunningly grand on bridal wear, they can be worn as necklaces as well in the future. Such is the case with elaborate earrings and necklaces, where one can use a part of the set or a pendant for other occasions.

Jadau jewelry sets

A fascinating example of Mughal craftsmanship, jadau jewelry, is where each semi-precious stone is carefully set on a metal base, giving it a uniform surface. A technique involving high levels of craftsmanship, jadau jewelry is beautiful for the array of colors it adds to your look and enhances your appearance. Popular since the Mughal period, this one has stood the test of time and isn’t going to go out of fashion any time soon. 

Indian chokers

Chokers are a quintessential element of jewelry that is always in fashion. However, when choosing for your bridal collection, ensure that the choker suits your neck. Pair it with a longer necklace to enhance your look. However, you can wear the necklaces independent of each other as well, for future occasions. Interestingly, chokers look great both on Indian and western wear and can be used in the future.

Kundan’s and Polki jewelry sets

While Kundan jewelry makes use of glass beads set in gold foil, Polki jewelry makes use of uncut diamonds pressed in a gold foil. Inspired by the Mughals, too, these designs are another classic element in Indian weddings. Sophisticated and classy, they can enhance your appeal and be used for future occasions as well.

Meenakari jewelry

Another favorite, especially in regions like Rajasthan, is the Meenakari form of jewelry. Here the metal surface is filled in with enamel to create a beautiful color palette. Often combined with styles like jadau jewelry, Meenakari is preferred for the lovely colors it adds to the bridal look. Its elegance is unmatched and makes for a fashion statement that will never go out of style.

Whatever kind of jewelry you choose, do ensure that you will be able to use it in the future as well. Opt for bangles and bracelets based on the dress you wear. While maang tikas may be great for weddings, they may hold less meaning in the future for you. So ensure that you spend wisely and invest in pieces that you can repeat. If you still want a piece of jewelry that wouldn’t have future value, go for designer pieces that have been crafted using not-so-precious materials. This will ensure that you get the jewelry you love without burning a hole in your pocket.

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