6 Styles to Stay Trendy This Fall

Fall 2021 may seem like it’s not going to be here for a while, but getting a head start on the newest trends is always a great idea. From new fashions put forward by pre-Fall collections to trends that develop over the year, the following fashion trends are essential for a fabulous fall.

We all know that staying inside this year has been a challenge, but there’s no reason to let fashion fall by the wayside. That’s why Fall 2021 is sure to be full of intricate and designed pajama outfits that can be worn everywhere. 

These versatile new outfits are great for working at home, binging on the couch, or even running to the store. Make sure that you grab a mask that matches and you’re good to go. Previously, going out in your pajamas might have been a fashion faux pas, but a lot has changed over the past few months. 

Dark floral prints can be striking. Think of your grandmother’s old floral couches, but with darker undertones, black accents, and a deeper color palette. When it comes to fall fashion, dark floral patterns are likely to be everywhere. They’re classy and versatile. They can be colorful or drab. Plus, they go with just about anything. Coordinate solid-color accessories or outfits to make those flowers pop. 

Layer up a dark floral print with some of the brightly colored leathers from our next trend for the ultimate fashion-forward look. 

There’s one thing that most runway aficionados can agree on for this fall: leather. Soft, buttery, smooth leathers are going to be all the rage. While you can go with standard neutral colors (brown, black, or even red leathers come to mind), there is another trend that blends seamlessly with it. 

This year, bright leathers are all the rage. This means leathers that are dyed turquoise, yellow, and even bright purple. Pair your bright green leather jacket over a pair of printed tights and people won’t be able to stop looking at you!

Tights have always made a statement, but they are coming back in style. Specifically, we’re talking about tights with bright, bold prints. While some might have previously found printed tights garish and ungainly, they are going to be popular according to the pre-Fall catalogs. 

You can pair them with just about anything else on this list, too. Slide some white knee-high boots over your softly colored printed tights, or wear them with an electric blue leather jacket. Mix it up with different colors and styles. 

It’s been a minute since white knee-highs were in style. But they’re coming back now in the biggest way! Knee-highs have always been a fall fashion staple, clean, white leather will be a huge trend in 2021. Perhaps this is in sharp contrast with the colored leather everywhere else, but these boots will fit right in with your fall wardrobe without much fuss. 

You can go for clean lines, slouch, or any variety of materials. They don’t have to be leather boots, so you can truly choose the textures and designs that you appreciate the most. 

Bright colors are going to be the go-to for Fall 2021. Except for darker floral patterns and sweater vests, expect to see a lot of pastel, bright, lovely colors for all of your clothing and accessories this year. Besides, we all need a little positivity!

Consider taking this a step further. Aside from bright leathers and that hot pink handbag, consider getting custom black pride shirts made in bright, popping colors. You can still get your message across while being fashion-forward, and this is one of the best ways to do it.


While Fall 2021 might not be just around the corner, it’s still great to start stocking up on your fashion staples for later this year. Hopefully, by then we’ll have the opportunity to show these trends off a bit more! Regardless, some of these ideas might already be hanging around your closet. Take a deeper look to see if you can unearth some great styles. Don’t be afraid to mix and match!

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Last modified: March 11, 2021

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