6 Reasons Why Aluminium Sliding Windows are Perfect for Indian Homes

Whether it is that incessant ray of sunlight penetrating your room as you stretch on your bed, or the tiny sparrows hopping from one pane to another, windows are as visually appealing as they are essential. The best windows are ones that strike the perfect balance between being exquisite and practical. 

Every country and region has its climatic conditions and consequent requirements. Consequently, selecting suitable door and window design for your home is instrumental in leading a comfortable existence. And windows play an indispensable role in facilitating adequate ventilation, providing the essential security, and enhancing visual appeal!

Aluminium sliding windows are popular choices in many Indian homes as they are considered ideal for the country’s climatic and demographic conditions. Are you an Indian homeowner looking for premier window solutions? Then, here are some reasons why you should consider aluminium sliding windows as your primary choice: 

  1. Tackling Sound Pollution: Don’t Let the Noise Muffle Your Voice!

Today, with rapid urbanisation taking place across the country, more and more families are migrating to large cities with high decibel levels. Noisy surroundings prevent inhabitants from quality time in the comfort of their homes. Aluminium sliding windows can be easily installed across different panel sizes and are incredibly useful in ensuring sound-proof rooms. It allows families to shut out the city’s loud, screeching noises and enjoy peaceful alone time.

  1. Your Faithful Weather Guard

In most Indian cities, the heat often becomes unbearable during the peak of summer. Likewise, many terrains are characterised by torrential rains during monsoon. Aluminium windows are resilient to severe weather conditions and are perfect choices for areas prone to such extremities. At the same time, the mechanism of aluminium sliding windows allows for sufficient ventilation when required.

  1. Easy on Your Pocket – And on the Environment!

Being a good conductor of heat, aluminium allows more heat and wind to penetrate homes. Consequently, aluminium window and door designs help families save considerably on energy consumed by air-conditioners, fans and other cooling appliances. Aluminium sliding windows can single-handedly reduce one’s energy expenses and serve as eco-friendly ventilation options compared to high-budget electrical appliances. Such sustainable options are much-needed in a country like India that experiences high levels of energy consumption.

  1. Safety Comes First: Secure Window Solutions

There is no substitute for safety and security. Aluminium sliding windows are sturdy, strong and resilient, thus ensuring utmost security at all times. Families can rest assured as their aluminium windows stand on-guard at the threshold!

  1. As a Long-Term Investment Option

Being durable and long-lasting, aluminium sliding windows are more substantial than their plastic and wooden counterparts. Consequently, they are suitable one-time investments that can last for years on end without any damage. Today, these windows are go-to window solutions for Indian families who permanently reside in the home. 

  1. Exquisite Plus Effective!

Lastly, aluminium sliding windows are visually appealing and are sure to attract your guests’ attention at first sight! TOSTEM windows are available in various shades that homeowners may pick from, based on their homes’ colour themes. These windows perfectly balance the dual requirements of aesthetics and utility, thus providing one with the best of both the worlds!


Situated at the threshold, windows act as vantage points for individuals to stay always connected to the world from the comfort of their homes. Aluminium sliding windows provide inhabitants with this security, personal space and social harmony. As an essential subsidiary of LIXIL Window Systems Pvt Ltd, TOSTEM is a one-stop-shop for purchasing sturdy, attractive and cost-effective windows and doors that can enhance the elegance of your home!

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