6 Reasons Most People Choose to Stream to Traditional TV

Most people today spend time catching the latest episodes of their favorite series on their phones. Even though they own a TV set, it takes long before they use it. And most sections of people today are heading in this direction. Phones and laptops are replacing cable television fast as the entertainment fix due to convenience. Data packs are now available, and internet speeds are going up. Plus, convenient free platforms like pirate bay which you can click here to access are the go-to place to get the latest TV series, and films. What does this mean for cable providers? Are they the herald of a new era? But why are we making the click switch to internet content more? Below are some of the reasons why. 

  1. Faster internet speed 

Dial-up connections and dodgy lines were a popular way to access internet data for people in their 40s. But today, things have improved, and the deals now are better with faster internet speeds. Still, it depends on where you are in the world, for the internet speed is according to where you rank on the global index. Speed tests rank the average internet speeds on home broadband and mobile in various countries. All in all, internet use is better than using traditional boxing. 

  1. Ad-free content 

During an ad break, no one is doing ten push-ups, no matter how often the instructor insists as the ad ends. Plus, no one wants to watch 20 ads as they catch the latest series. It is irritating to break as you get into a tense part of the plot. Today, people need everything as soon as possible. If you are watching a movie that stretches for more than two hours, you cannot skip scenes to move ahead on cable, but while streaming, it is possible. 

  1. We need everything asap
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Today, you do not have to wait to get trendy shows on cable TV. You can watch these shows with the aid of internet streaming now. So you can watch as many movies, series, and documentaries as you wish and not wait for them anymore to be aired on TV. Online platforms ensure you access all the latest shows as fast you need them. For this reason, subscribing to these platforms is a no-brainer. 

  1. Cable has very minimal change over the years 

The world is now full of millennials who are trying out everything. Unfortunately, regular TV programming does not offer as much and hence why the shift to online content. The norm was always to play movies and shows to developing countries already aired in the west. Plus, in programming today, you channel surf different times of the day and still find nothing interesting to watch. 

  1. Odd hour watching 

As the nature of work and workplaces is changing, it stands to reason. Peer groups influence what people keep watching. People will consume more content online, for you can play a song you want immediately or watch a movie series anytime without worrying if it is on cable or not. Plus, there are no long commutes to get the latest movies. Even if you spend most of the time on the road, you can view what you want to and from work. 

  1. Binge-watching nation

In today’s world, binge-watching is a practice most people love during their free time. Thus, with more and more content on the internet, people have a variety of shows to choose from. Plus, streaming is now local, and in most countries, there are local partnerships with streaming services to make it easily accessible to consumers and much easier to watch. Therefore, it is easy to download your favorite films anywhere on any device. As a result, it is influencing how most people consume entertainment. 

To sum up, the above are some reasons why people today prefer streaming to watching TV. How people consume entertainment is changing fast globally. Mostly because of customer flexibility and choice. Also, fast improvements in digital infrastructure, a growing and vibrant entertainment eco-system of compelling content, and a growing young population who are comfortable and connected with this medium. Because of these factors, they drive a shift towards convenience and on-demand streaming. 

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Last modified: November 12, 2021

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