6 Important Reasons to Get Married

Why do people get married?

We like to believe that people get married for love and for love alone, but there are actually many other good reasons to get married as well.

Long ago, people sometimes got married to combine the resources of two families. Also, when it was not yet customary for women to work outside of the home, many women got married for long-term financial security.

Today, those reasons to get married are a bit outdated, but other reasons have taken their place.

Read on to learn some of the many reasons that people choose to get married.

1. Love

There are many reasons to get married, but the main reason that people get married today is because they love one another. Marriage brings two people together, legally, for life. People who get married trust each other, support each other and have each other’s backs no matter what.

There is nothing in the world like a deep love connection, and marriage celebrates that powerful force.

2. Children

Although people today often have children before or without getting married, it’s still traditional and common to get married before adding children to a family. Being married with children is the American dream for many people, and getting married before starting a family is a logical step for them as they progress through life.

3. Security

Marriage provides a feeling of security for some people.

Although some people are in healthy, successful, long-term relationships for decades without getting married, others greatly appreciate the additional officiality of marriage. In a way, getting married can truly cement a relationship and shows both partners are in it for the long haul.

4. Finances

No one should get married for financial reasons alone, but breaks on taxes and other financial factors can be a convincing reason to tie the knot.

Studies have suggested that married couples make more money over the long term as individuals than people who stay single. Furthermore, you can share social security benefits when the time comes years from now.

5. Health Insurance

Another thing married couples can share is health insurance. In our country, health insurance is very expensive. Although most workplaces pay a portion of its cost, workers also must contribute a large sum. Family plans are much more affordable.

In many cases, if one partner is a military veteran, his or her free military benefits will carry over to the spouse as well.

6. Citizenship

Borders are imaginary lines drawn by governments, but we all must adhere to the rules regarding them. Some people visit places overseas and fall in love with someone there. In other cases, someone from another country lives and works in the United States for a period of time and meets a special someone.

In either case, if these star-crossed lovebirds wish to continue their romance, they may decide to get married so the non-citizen can stay here. Getting a visa through marriage is not uncommon and is a necessary process for people who love each other but who would otherwise be separated by borders.

What Are Your Reasons to Get Married?

If you’re thinking about getting married, what are your reasons to get married? Marriage is a life-long commitment; don’t rush into it. If you find that you are hesitant, take time to list your reasons. Do they make sense to you? Are they good enough? If so, move forward and good luck to you and your love. Marriage is beautiful, and you’ll have many happy years together ahead.

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