6 Hat Styles Every Man Should Own

Hats have had their own glamour since they have made it to the fashion scene. For men who want to accessorize, you could never go wrong with a hat. Whether it’s for a major event or even just a casual hangout, you would definitely look amazing. Perfect for any season, a hat will add spice to your overall look. All you have to know is which hat styles you must own. 


On the top of the list is the forever classic fedora. Fedoras have been here longer than you or your dad have probably been. Popularized in movies such as The Godfather and by gangsters and hipsters, the fedora is a tough one to beat. This felt-brimmed hat will never lose its shine and goes with almost any outfit. It also comes in several sizes and colors, but it’s best to pick which one suits your face shape and outfit. 


A common misconception about Trilbys is that they are labelled as Fedoras. A Trilby is usually created from straw or tweed and has smaller features compared to a fedora. It also has a higher crown and is wearable during spring and fall. Compared to a fedora, it is also more of a fashion statement than a practical piece. This hat is usually worn by celebrities in boy bands or racing fans. 


The bowler hat is, of course, yet another staple in men’s hat styles because it was popularized early on by Charlie Chaplin. This hard hat made out of felt with a small brim is also called the “derby”. Even though it’s worn by almost all social classes, it’s not for casual wear. It is best paired with semi-formal to formal attire when going to major events. 

Panama hat

Known as a staple summer hat, a Panama hat is the one you should take to the beach. This straw hat will definitely have you looking hotter than the sun itself. When you’re on the run to the sand and the sea, don’t forget to grab yourself this hat! Breathable, comfortable, and laidback, you’ll definitely give off a chill guy vibe. 


Who could forget the classic ‘90s bad boy cap? The well-known snapback has been around all thanks to the Yankees fan craze. Today, it continues to take the hearts of vintage fashion lovers who prefer relaxed fits. For an instantly cool get-up, you could never go wrong with a snapback.

Top hat

Finally, the fanciest of them all: the top hat. The top hat is unparalleled when it comes to the height of sophistication and elegance. To stand out in a crowd, you should consider getting one of these for your next fancy event.

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Last modified: July 7, 2021

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