6 Fancy Gadgets That Take Your Home to the Next Level

The world has come a long way since the launch of the first-ever gadget. Now, technology has taken over almost every single aspect of our lives. Whether it is our home, our office, our personal life, or any other aspect of it, technology has become a crucial part.

Nowadays, there are some pretty remarkable gadgets available in the market that cannot only make your life significantly easier but can also add to the ambiance of a room. Discussed below are some of the best gadgets that you can buy to make your homes fancy and tech-oriented.

No home is complete without the presence of the perfect TV set. Luckily for you, we have the best TV that can complement your home. LG Transparent OLED TV is a phenomenal piece of machinery that blends seamlessly with its surroundings.

It is a 55-inch TV set that has the capability of displaying true HD pictures. It also comes with a customizable assembly system, through which you can easily accommodate it in various ways in different places in your home. And there is no better service than Suddenlink TV to complement this TV with. Suddenlink offers a vibrant channel lineup and impeccable features that make the experience worthwhile. Simply log on to BuyTVInternetPhone and you can explore all of its amazing monthly plans.

Given the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, staying sanitized and sterilized all the time has become a necessity and not just a habit that few follow. In times like these, Handle Attendant is the gadget you need to get. It has the ability to kill off more than 99% germs on your door handles instantly with the help of UV rays.

You can conveniently place Handle Attendant above the door handles where it automatically sterilizes them after use. Just imagine, all the germs that might be roaming on your bathroom door handle or any other door handle in your house will be instantly wiped out.

The Eve Flare is a beautiful ball of light that can transform any room into the aura of your choosing. This mesmerizing lamp can keep your room light up for up to 6 hours straight. Also, its shape and size makes it highly portable, so you can move it around whenever you wish to.

Filled with a wide range of color choices, you can always set just the right mood for yourself. Moreover, it has a wireless charging feature to avoid any hassling wires. The Flare even works flawlessly in connection with the Apple HomeKit.

NEO PRO is the future of smart outlets. It is the ultimate outlet for you to install throughout your home. It is perfect for people who just do not have it in them to walk over to the switchboard to switch off lights or appliances.

It gives you complete control over all the plugged-in gadgets in your home. When you are watching your favorite movie in bed and suddenly realize that you have forgotten to turn off the lights in the other room, you can easily turn them off with the Neo smartphone app.

It offers several  other useful features as well such as an anti-theft timer, schedule timer, and power meter that allows you to monitor the power usage of each outlet. This way you can manage the power usage in your home and control your electricity bills.

With the advent of technology, you can now enjoy a mesmerizing and warm fireplace without  the irritating ash and even a chimney. Ecosmart Fireplace is revolutionary device that offers a vast range of fireplace options that burn brightly without producing any smoke. Fire is lit using a bioethanol chemical that produces absolutely no smoke.

You can easily start a fire in various settings according to your mood.  Whether you want an indoor fireplace, an outdoor fireplace, or even a portable fire pit, this is the one you want. And the best thing about it is that it enhances the ambiance of any place it is present.

These days, even the air we breathe in our home is a little polluted. Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station cannot only monitor the air quality inside your home but also enables you to monitor the temperature and sound inside the home.

The Netatmo smartphone app can notify when you have to take care of the pollution levels and sound levels inside your home. Moreover, it works perfectly with technologies such as Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. And last but not the least, it is a cool-looking gadget that goes well with any setting.

You spend a major portion of your day inside your homes. It is essential that you have the best and most beautiful gadgetry at your disposal to make your life at home a lot more relaxing. We are confident that the gadgets mentioned above will serve precisely that purpose for you.

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