5 Ways to Keep Your Smartphone Working Like New

Smartphones have become a part and parcel of our lives. Be it for transport or food or keeping your documents safe, you are almost like a handicapped person without your smartphone. These smart devices are in no comparison to the old ‘unsmart’ and ‘unintelligent cellular’ ones.

At first, when you buy a smartphone, you become dazzled over it for a few months. You fall in love with the various innovative stunning features. But then slowly after 1.5 to 2 years, the phone starts losing its glory. The various problems faced are:

  •  It starts to slow down.
  • It does not function anymore in a smooth manner and often restarts on its own.
  • The battery charge gets exhausted at a fast pace.
  • It becomes less-user friendly

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5 Simple Tips to Make Your Old Smartphone as Good as New

It is advisable that you start taking care of yours from day 1 itself. You should never take it for granted just because it is a new one and overload it with various applications, photos, files etc.

  1. Get a screen guard and a phone case

Great innovations are making the phones slimmer and hence more slippery with the smooth mirror finish. Due to these, your phone is prone to slip off your hands and get damaged. So from the very beginning, you should invest in a good phone case and a screen protector. These casings will protect the body of your and the harm will just fall upon the exterior case and guard.

  • Keep the applications and the softwares updated

            There are various benefits of software updates such as-

  • Keep the phone secured
  • Ensures that the smartphone runs optimally
  • New software updates allow certain apps to run on that platform only and not in an older version.

Whenever there is a software update, you will get notification in your phone. You can also set time update later. You should also keep the various apps updated to experience the new features offered by the app and ensure smooth functioning of the app too.

  • Uninstall the junk files and useless files

Every new smartphone has a set of pre-installed apps. You are sure not to use every one of them and thus must uninstall them from the very beginning. This will give the phone ample amount of space to run efficiently. At the same time you must keep the RAM memory of your phone half empty. This will increase the efficiency of your device.

  • Use the various cloud memory

Do not store all your photos and videos in the physical memory of your smartphone. Use the available cloud memory such as iCloud for IPhones and Google photos for android devices. You will be given unlimited storage options without compromising on the quality of your files. Keep your phone synced to these cloud memories and delete the physical files from your device.

If you have every other option to enhance the performance of your smartphone but it is still logging, do software reset. This will delete all the data from your phone and make it just like a new one. But before a factory reset, you must properly backup every data on your device, else they will be lost forever.

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