5 Video Production Services Small Businesses Cannot Do Without

Over 90% of marketers claim that video marketing is vital for small businesses. As such, more and more startups and businesses are leveraging video production.

But where do you start? What are the most important components for video production?

That’s what we’re here to talk about today. Read on to learn about the 5 most important video production services that you need for your small business marketing strategy.

1. Pre-Production

The first and most important step to effective video production is pre-production. So what is it?

It’s more or less the creative and planning portion of your video production process. It evaluates your video’s objectives while identifying your audience and the message you want to get across.

This means you’ll be writing your script, storyboarding your video, and outlining the necessary components here. You’ll also handle scouting locations as well as casting.

It’s an extremely busy part of the process, which is why hiring a video production agency to help you here is incredibly valuable.

2. Hiring the Crew

You might’ve handled this already as part of your pre-production phase, but you’re going to need a dedicated crew to actually produce your video content.

A team might be as big as two or three people. Heck, you might even do it yourself. More involved productions require a few more players, however, especially if you want your video to come outright.

Examples of key production crew members include:

  • Producers who handle your budget and logistics
  • Director of Photography who works with directors to execute a vision
  • Gappers and grips to handle lighting and set design
  • Makeup artists to make your actors look right for the screen

Many of these roles might get grouped together, but it’s important to have these and other fields covered before starting filming.

3. The Production

This is where most of your planning comes into play. Your video’s shoot may take as short as a day, or you might need to extend it to several days or weeks.

This all depends on everyone’s schedules and how much you can afford to pay your crew. Having a timeline and plan set out for each day of shooting is crucial.

Being as efficient with your time will save you money down the line. In many cases, this is the most fun part of the entire video-producing process.

4. Post-Production

After you’ve got your footage, it’s time to actually create the video. That is, you need to import the footage and begin editing.

Your editing phase might be short if you aren’t trying to add too much flair to your video. If you want things like transitions, music, properly mixed sound, and other elements, this is going to be more involved.

Voice overs and custom animations are added here. You’ll have to deliver all your video files to the right format as well.

Post-production takes just as much if not more care and attention than other phases. This is essentially where your video really starts to come together.

5. Distribution

Whether you’re posting your video on YouTube, your social media, or your site, you need an effective distribution strategy. Incorporating SEO keywords here is crucial.

The higher your video can rank on search engines or YouTube searches, the better. Research keywords and incorporate them into your digital marketing strategy during the distribution stage.

Leverage Video Production Services Today

Customers are going to flock to well-made videos while your small business will gains notoriety. Use this guide to find the right video production services and create effective content today.

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