5 Uses For Hopper Bottom Trailers

Almost every business needs some form of transportation to move products from one point to another. As a business owner, you would definitely want a form of transport that’s not only convenient but also cost-effective. That’s where hopper bottom trailers come in.

What are hopper bottom trailers?

These are trailers pulled by semi-tractors and commonly used to carry or transport bulk commodities around the country.

Bottom trailers come in different sizes. It is always upon the business owner to choose a size that’s best suited for his or her business needs. You can get medium-sized, large, or even customized trailers. The most important factor is the size of your business.

Below are five uses of hopper bottom trailers:

  1. Grain transportation

A bottom trailer can have one or two hoppers on its bottom. When loaded with grain, it is able to deliver that grain using the hopper located in the base. The grain is normally poured in through a large spigot. The trailer has a cover meant to prevent the goods from being damaged from the inside.

When delivering products to a customer, you can easily open the hopper to pour out the products. The good thing about these trailers is that you can carry almost any type of grain and deliver them easily via the hopper.

  1. Pebble and rock delivery

Transporting pebble and rock is much easier when using a hopper trailer. This is because the trailer makes it easy for you to pour out rocks and pebbles in a specific spot. You can also create an elongated line of rocks or pebbles and quickly dump all of them in a hole that you have created.

In addition, the trailers are ideal for rock and pebble delivery since you can have the rocks poured over the trailer, pull the cover above the shipment, and move to your next location. The cover is meant to prevent the rocks and pebbles from flying out of the trailer.

  1. Soil/dirt delivery

Soil and dirt delivery can be a lot easier if you use a hopper trailer. This is for the simple reason that the trailer is able to pour out the soil or dirt while driving through the area. You can position the hopper trailer close to the holes that need to be filled. Besides, you can also make a track of soil that may be used for leveling, grading, or planting.

  1. Fertilizer delivery

Hopper trailers are also efficient if you want to deliver fertilizer to customers or different farm locations. It is easy to fill in your fertilizer inside the trailer without much trouble. You can also open the hopper at any time and determine how much fertilizer has been released.

  1. Sand or land reclamation work

Sand is usually used in land reclamation to fill in empty gaps. A hopper trailer can be used to deliver rocks and fill them on a coastline stretch.

In a nutshell, a hopper trailer is very convenient for people in the agricultural sector, delivery of materials, and land reclamation.

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