5 Tips for Eye Health and Maintaining Good Eyesight

Proactive Measures To Maintain Eyesight
The body breaks down over time. You can reduce this dissolution of functionality through lifestyle choices and the way you conduct yourself, but there’s only so much you can do. Nobody lives forever—but people who eat right, exercise regularly, and avoid vice can live well past their hundredth birthday.

Granted, statistical averages make it so regardless of how well you conduct your life, things can happen beyond your control. If you’re driving down the street and some random sinkhole opens up before you can do anything, your exercise won’t mean much! That said, such situations are outliers, they’re not primary data.

Numerous methods exist to keep your body, mind, and senses at their sharpest; and they should always be pursued. Here we’ll cover five ways you can help your eyes retain clarity even as your age advances.

1. Don’t Sit Too Near Computer Screens
Computer screens, television screens, gaming screens—anything causing you to focus your eyes on a fixed point that isn’t far away, and maintain that focus for long periods of time, will ultimately be bad for your vision overall. If you make a habit of sitting near computers or televisions, get out of that habit. Today, smartphones and tablets also require eye-conscious use.

Eye strain can be painful, and it can give you a headache. Also, “zone out” too well for too long, and when you look away from the screen, the world will seem foggy. That’s a clear sign you’ve allowed the minute musculature in your eyes to stay at the same “focus” for too long. Cut down on this as you can.

Sometimes you don’t have a choice owing to your job. In that situation, make windows on websites smaller, or sit further away. There are eye exercises you can do which are suspected to have a positive effect on vision. As yet these haven’t been confirmed by the establishment, but many believe they are worthwhile—including some optometrists.

2. Supplement Your Diet With Eye-Health Compounds
WebMD lists several notable foods that ultimately help your eyes be at their most healthy. Raw red peppers are good for you, owing to vitamin C—which is good for the eyes generally. Sunflower seeds and other nuts, dark leafy greens, salmon, sweet potatoes, lean meat, poultry, legumes, beans, and eggs; all are excellent for eyesight.

3. Medical Support From Optometric Specialists
Something else worth doing for your vision is finding a good vision plan. Depending on your plan, this coverage can include regular checkups, initial examination, possible prescriptions for eyewear, and professionally delivered information from optometrists who understand the eye through information as collected via modern means.

4. Don’t Stress Your Eyes In Low-Light Environments
There is such a thing as “bad” muscle pain. For illustration, imagine the popular nineties movie Cliffhanger with Sylvester Stallone. The image on the dust jacket for the VHS or DVD—whichever you’re more familiar with—shows Sylvester hanging by one hand from a rock high on the side of a mountain.

While bodybuilding gave his physique the power to do this, maintaining such a clutch on a cliffside isn’t something that’s good for musculature. They can be over-stressed, ripped, and pulled; and that in ways that make future gains hard to find.

Similarly, the musculature in your eyes can be negatively strained when you continuously squint in low-light environments. If you must read at night, be sure you’ve got adequate light. The younger you are, the more attainable this is. As you get older, you’ll need more light for basic reading.

5. Try To Avoid Or Completely Cut Out SmokingSmoking dries out your eyes, damaging them. Additionally, it plays havoc on mucus membranes, and it’s bad for your lungs. When you inhale, that brings oxygen into your bloodstream. When you smoke, you’re depriving your lungs and bloodstream of oxygen while damaging the apparatus your body uses to bring oxygen to the blood.

Collaterally, this is bad for basically every organic system in your body, including your eyes. To keep your eyes at their best, quit smoking. It’s not just about the incidental wasps of smoke that make eyes tear up, it’s about the overall effect of smoking on the body.

Maintaining Solid Vision Into Advanced AgeCutting out smoking, avoiding unnecessary eye stress, support from certified optometrists, the right sort of diet, and assuring you don’t sit too near computer screens all represent fine means of protecting your vision. Be intentional enough, and you’ll retain sharp eyes into advanced age.

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