5 Tips for Building a Virtual Law Firm

Are you switching your law firm to a virtual business? There are a number of advantages to going online, saving yourself both time and money. However, making the switch needs planning or you may lose out on customers and revenue.

Luckily, it is easier to do than you may at first think. Below, we give five tips on starting a virtual law firm.

1. Build an Online Presence

If you are going solely online with your virtual law office, then it stands to reason you need an online presence. While many of the rules that exist in the physical world also apply in the digital realm, you do need to adapt to this new challenge.

Part of that is building an online presence. You need to spend money and pay attention to your website and make yourself an expert through content creation. You should also invest time and effort in social media, or get someone to do this for you.

2. Set up the Basics

Even though you are a virtual lawyer you still need the normal systems in place. Firstly, you need business premises. Some states require this by law, but regardless, you will need a meeting place for clients, and somewhere to send mail that is not your home address.

You will also need contact information. This can be done using a virtual phone number. Other than this, you should consider investing in a printer, scanner, tablet for work on the move, and a portable scanner for when you are away from your desk.

3. Know Your Virtual Law Firm Audience

As you are not a physical firm, it can be hard to work out your audience when starting a virtual law business. Just as you would not target any and every client in the physical world, it pays to know your audience and specialism in the digital world.

Do your research, even hiring a company to do it if need be. This will help you price correctly and even assist you with targeting and creating the correct content for your digital presence.

4. Get the Right Software

Your biggest expenditure will be investing in the correct software. There are a number of packages available to help you facilitate the running of a virtual law business. Whichever you choose, you will need to have something that allows you to create case databases, access to client portals, with accounting and billing facilities.

5. Get Help

As well as the work you do yourself, you still will need staff to assist you. Luckily, these can be hired online and many of their jobs can be done remotely. Make sure they are hired from a reputable source and have client confidentiality as a priority.

Transition Smoothly

If you are transitioning to a virtual law firm, you can instigate many of these processes while continuing your old business. This allows you a smooth transition and will not mean you do not miss out on clients and business.

If you enjoyed our helpful article, then the rest of our blog has lots more help waiting for you. We have everything from creating online businesses to managing finance. Visit us today and let us help grow your firm!

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