5 Symptoms of Drains that Need Cleaning

The efficient performance of your drain is vital for the smooth operation of your home. Each time you use your washing machine, turn on a faucet, flush the toilet, or take a shower, your drainage system must remove the wastewater immediately. You should not have to look into it or take any action. However, in any area of your home, particularly the ones seeing excessive use, there are chances of drain clogs and blockages. 

Here are some signs that you need to watch out for since they indicate the need for drain cleaning Sacramento.

  1. Slow Drainage

The first and most apparent sign indicating that your drains need cleaning is their inability to remove wastewater. Do you see that your bathtub or sink cannot easily drain water, or is particularly slow? In certain cases, it may not empty at all. Water starts collecting and does not pass through the drain. You might also see that your washing machine or dishwasher is filled with water even after the cycle finishes. Having water that does not smoothly pass through the drain is not only significantly inconvenient, but also shows that there is an obstruction in your pipes.

2. Unusual Sewage Smell

An unpleasant smell is another sign suggesting that your drains require cleaning. If you smell sewage, there are chances that your drains are clogged. This clogging occurs because the waste you pour down the sink or flush begins to build up. So, if you start smelling sewage inside your home, you need to take action immediately. Plumbers Sacramento can help you with expert solutions for cleaning your sewers and drains. 

3. Water Backing Up

When drains require cleaning, water starts backing up in different parts of your home. For instance, there’s gurgling in the toilets after you flush them, or there’s water standing in bathtubs, showers, or sinks. If water is backing up through a drain, you should understand that your drain needs cleaning.

4. Drain and Fruit Flies

The accumulation of garbage, sewage, or waste in clogged pipes attracts flies. At first, you may only feel annoyed by these tiny fruit flies. However, they can pose a health risk once they enter your kitchen and discover your food. If your home has fruit flies, there are high chances that your drain is blocked, and they are attracted to the scent of that drain. 

The drain fly is another animal that backed-up pipes attract. It is also called a filter fly or sewer fly. The septic tanks, sewers, and drains are its breeding ground. They thrive and live in clogged drains. The first place where you can see drain flies is your bathroom. 

5. Unusual Sounds

You must carefully listen to the sounds of the drain. If you feel that there is something unusual, there is probably a need for cleaning. Blocked drains can force water to pass through small spaces or take a different route. The sound will be similar to bubbling and gurgling. Depending on the severity of your clog, you can experience a minor issue or a major concern. If you do not take action at the right time, you may also have to go for water heater repair  Sacramento since sediments will break down the inside of your tank.

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