5 Surprising Benefits of Game-Based Learning

For the longest time parents have believed that online games have detrimental effects on the physiological health of children and can result in stunted mental growth in the long run; however, there is little to no truth to that theory. 

Of Course, it is not advisable for kids to be spending too much time in front of a computer screen due to many reasons. But a controlled exposure to computer games is not only beneficial, it is necessary for the mental growth of children.

Games can be used to draw more interest from children in studies and learning. This is where game-based learning comes into play. It is a technique where gameplay is used to help make the learning of different subject matter easily understandable and digestible for kids. Many schools and education institutes are now integrating game-based learning into their curriculum. Here are some of the benefits of game-based learning that everyone should be aware of.

Provides a more personalized learning experience

Every child has their own way of learning, some are fast learners, while others take their time. This is why some of the students lag behind in class while others excel at every task. However you can’t really blame the teacher for this because it is just not possible to design a different curriculum for every single student.

This is where game-based learning can help out. It has machine learning models built into it that learns from interacting with the student. This model helps create a much more personalized learning experience and allows the students to continue learning at their own pace.

Results in increased motivation from students

Kids easily get bored and it is often a big challenge for teachers to encourage more engagement when they are bored. game-based learning makes sure that the students never feel bored. Not only does it keep the students entertained while learning, it also motivates them to put more effort into what they are doing. So, it is important that teachers incorporate game-based learning into their teaching process to make sure that their students don’t get bored and zone out.

Teaches them critical thinking

One of the biggest benefits of Gamebased learning is that it sharpens students’ critical thinking abilities and also enables them to think for themselves. It asks students to make decisions based on their understanding of a concept which encourages more engagement from the students. 

Subsequently, the information sticks with the students and they have a higher retention level. In some games, they have to think like a character in that game which teaches them empathy.

Encourages productive struggle

You might think that in order for kids to learn something you need to make it easy for them. However, in order for the psychological development of kids, it is important that you bring your students to a point of productive struggle. Similar to how you need to work out and push your body to the fullest to grow your muscle, your mind needs to be pushed to its capacity for deeper learning. 

Game-based learning pushes the students to think harder and push their brains to the edge to solve a problem which builds self-confidence and enables the students to engage in deeper thought.

Builds situational awareness

The whole idea behind game-based learning is to test the students’ minds from different angles and teach them how to deal with different situations. Game-based learning puts the students in different situations and gives them a number of options to choose from, this teaches the students to think out of the box in different situations and look for solutions.

Game-based learning is undoubtedly one of the best ways to encourage more engagement and interest from the students while making sure that every student learns at their own pace. 

Now that you are aware of the benefits of game-based learning, you need to make sure that the PC system or laptop you use is best designed to fulfill your game-based learning needs. One tip you should keep in mind is to inquire about the thermal compound while making your final choice. People often neglect such details and it costs them a lot in the future, so it’s better to be safe than sorry later. Good luck, guys! 

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