5 Steps for Successful Smart Contract Development in 2021

Blockchain and smart contracts have become more familiar topics for people in different layers of communities nowadays.

The trend of cryptocurrencies seems not to stop. There’s a massive wave of altcoins that many people have been adopting in their investment portfolios. For that reason, too, many businesses are developing smart contracts into their business premises to stay relevant and competitive.

The market for digital assets has been seeking the best way to overcome the challenges of regulation. Here is where smart contracts could fill in the gap. Without innovative contract development,  the product of defi and blockchain won’t operate on all premises. So, what makes it so significant? Why SC anyway?

What Is A Smart Contract?

A smart contract is a piece of software that makes financial transactions between two or more parties easier for both parties. It is a collection of rules that are permissible in specific scenarios, comparable to any standard contract.

To ensure that an intelligent contract only executes an agreement when all of the requirements are met, it is designed to do so regularly. When a flaw arises, the contract is cancelled, and no asset transfers occur as a result. The algorithm is designed so that neither party suffers any losses as a result of the transaction.

Blockchain technology supports the most intelligent contracts. The smart contract information is transparent to all contracting parties. Thus, a third party’s intervention to control all operations is not necessary. Each party can fulfil the conditions independently and the other things the intelligent contracts perform.

Ethereum is the most frequent blockchain supporting numerous intelligent contracts.

Developers have long considered it as one of the best platforms with great solutions. The Solidity language is used for writing smart contracts on Ethereum.

Smart contracts existence has brought significant benefits to all businesses in many industries. Using a smart contract does not rely on a human third party to proceed with the execution.

Smart contracts, on the other hand, are an early stage of adoption. We still have a few kinks to work out.

Agreements are not always clear and straightforward. If you want to integrate smart contracts into your unique company activity, try working with experienced developers like INC4. Innovative contract solutions will necessitate adaptation in a variety of industries. And you want to stay on the market as one of them.

Things To Consider When Developing A Smart Contract

It is a great idea to try to add innovative contract development services to your business. But there are some crucial things that you need to consider before continuing with your plans.

Does your business really need these smart contract audit services?

Although the SC can solve many problems in various industries, it is not for everyone. For instance, we already mentioned the popularity of digital currencies for payments in many businesses.

But now the thing is, will your business use cryptocurrencies?

If your business has a close link to the use of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other relevant stuff, then you have found your own answer. But if you are conducting a business which does not link to the blockchain, you will need to conduct extensive research to decide whether you need this smart contract solution or not.

Consider the pros and cons.

Before going deeper into smart contract development, you will need to explore and learn about what you are about to adopt into your business. Smart contracts have tons of benefits. We could agree on that. But they also have certain limitations.

The contracts can be applied in the digital environment. As we know, the blockchain system is decentralised. That means it could crash with the existing systems and regulations.

Since smart contracts only execute on objective facts, “subjective” cases will be challenged. Unless your developers make significant updates to the particular smart contract, you might not have plenty of room to get creative.

What do you plan to do?

What is your business plan? What do you plan to do by using smart contracts?

Please remember that not all business activities are relevant to the smart contract and should be avoided unless necessary. Understanding what you can and cannot do with a smart contract is critical to avoid confusion. It will be helpful to have the INC4 professionals by your side to assist you in researching the industry and understanding how these innovative contract services may benefit your company.

Find a developer you can rely on and put your faith in them.

Although this should go without saying, it is vital to examine who will design your contract to guarantee that it is properly created. On the other hand, smart contracts may be used efficiently only if the user is familiar with blockchain innovative contract development.

However, keep in mind that choosing someone knowledgeable about blockchain technology and other blockchain-related concerns is crucial. If you genuinely want to work with someone, you must put in the effort and time required to identify a person or group of people who can meet your needs.

Examine it to see if it works.

According to the conclusions of researchers from Singapore and the United Kingdom, a total of 34,200 smart contracts may be vulnerable to hacker attacks.

 Testing will also be required throughout and after the contract’s construction to ensure no flaws. Due to a contract flaw, you could lose money, clients, and your reputation. Auditing and quality assurance testing are required to create an intelligent working contract that adds significant value to your organisation.


Security, interoperability, and transparency make intelligent contracts so attractive for many businesses across the globe. Regardless, it is still relatively new to conventional firms and conservative people. Make sure to keep yourself and your internal team updated with the technology. Reach out to INC4 experts to help you out from the ground.

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