5 Simple Room Additions to Change Your Space

Something that this pandemic has taught all of us is that our living space is more important to us than we thought.

Our space is an extension of ourselves: if our space is cluttered and incohesive, so becomes our minds. It’s a truth we cannot avoid!

So what can you do to give our space, and by extension, your mind, the attention it deserves? The answer: Organize and beautify!

With a few room additions, you can completely change the vibe of your living space and improve your mental state as a result! So here are some room decoration ideas that can transform your space for your ultimate well-being.


Often, we see lighting as a simple necessity when it comes to room accessories. But we must not overlook its influence on regulating our mood. Employing the right type of lighting in your space can have an immense effect on the room’s vibe.

Getting yourself candles or an attractive lamp that emits a warm light for relaxing in the evening can evoke a peaceful environment that can prepare your mind for a restful night’s sleep.


One of the greatest obstacles to a welcoming space is clutter! There are dozens of books and shows on how to de-clutter your living space. The point is, the essentials still need a space to occupy. 

This is why finding the right kind of storage space is vital to keep your space organized and beautiful!

A storage chest or a bookshelf can make a huge difference regarding keeping things in order. Giving all of your essential objects a little place to belong is an important part of beautifying your living space.

There are also many DIY room decor ideas online when it comes to creating storage furniture. 


Rugs help to define areas in a house. They invite us to dwell in its space. This can have a powerful effect on how our living space is organized and distributed. 

A great area rug can bring an unspoken coziness to your space that will unify all of the other details you’ve introduced.


Art often gets a bad rep. It’s associated with pretentiousness and vanity. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! Art can give our living space genuine meaning.

How we interact with art can have an incredible impact on our mood. Making the most of it for room decoration ideas can add warmth and character to your living space.

Take time to develop your own taste in art and don’t be afraid to express yourself through pictures and sculptures in your living space.


Never forget that we are creatures of nature! Inviting nature into your living space has invaluable benefits. This cheap room decor is worth every penny!

You don’t have to turn your house into a rainforest, but just one plant can add a natural dimension to your living space that our body and mind so desperately need.

The True Purpose of Room Additions

We have only discussed a handful of room additions, but there are many more options to choose from. The point is, whatever you invite into your living space should be deliberate!

They should contribute value and balance not just to your environment, but to your mental health.

So, when browsing the web or window shopping for cute room decor ideas, ask yourself: how does this affect me, as well as my living space.

The answer to that question will ensure that your purchases are a reflection of what you want for yourself—which should only be the best!

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