5 Signs Your Red, Itchy Eye Is Something Serious

Most people will get a red, itchy eye at least once in their lives. Now that spring is around the corner, this is even more likely to happen, especially if you suffer from seasonal allergies.

Generally speaking, this type of issue is usually pretty harmless. There are some instances, though, when your itchy eye is no longer a passing bother but might indicate something more serious.

Before you panic, though, check out our article. We have put together a list of the five most common — and potentially alarming — signs that you might need to get your eyes checked out.

1. A Thick, Non-Watery Discharge

A first indication that your eye problem might not be allergy-related is whether you have a thick, mucusy discharge. With allergies, you tend to get watery eyes, but different types of fluids can point to bacterial or viral infections.

2. Sharp Pain That Doesn’t Go Away

As a general rule, allergies don’t cause any intense or continuous pain in your eyes. So, if your eye is not only red and itchy but is also leading you to be in constant pain or strong discomfort, then that’s another potential sign of a more serious infection. 

3. Increased Sensitivity To the Light

Are you feeling particularly sensitive to the light, to the point that you can’t keep your eyes open when in direct sunlight, or you experience sharp, stabbing pain in your eye? Then, it’s definitely time to call a doctor and get your eye checked out.

4. Small Lumps and Inflammation

Sometimes, your eyelids can get inflamed, or you can develop small lumps near your eyelashes. If this is happening to you, it could mean that you have caught some type of eye infection, and it’s another telltale sign that you need to get assessed by an eye doctor sooner rather than later. If they prescribe something like Zithromax, remember that you can buy Z packs online.

5. A Gritty Feel in Your Eye

Another pretty straight-forward way to tell whether you are experiencing some allergy symptoms, or if there is something else going on, is paying attention to how the inside of your eye feels. If you are getting an unpleasant, almost gritty feeling inside your eye, then it might mean that you are dealing with something a bit more serious than your usual seasonal allergy.

Red, Itchy Eye? Know When It’s Something Serious

If you are experiencing a red, itchy eye, and are suspecting it might not be linked to any of your regular allergies, then you will need to pay attention to some specific signs.

Symptoms such as thick, mucusy discharge, constant pain, extreme light sensitivity, lumps around your eyes, and a gritty feel might point to a more serious infection. In order to find out whether it’s bacterial or viral, and how best to treat it, you should seek the help of a doctor.

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