5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Home Security System

Technology has been changing how things are done everywhere, including the world of home security. Today, home automation systems make it easy to control security in your home, even when miles away. You can control each security device from your phone and tablet and even monitor what is going on. Besides that, the future of home security is expected to keep improving and growing. However, not everyone updates their security system regularly, which means they are missing out on the convenience and improved security measures brought about by current upgrades. If you are yet to get a modern home security system, here are a few signs that your security system is due for an upgrade.

You Are Using an Alarm Only

Alarms are an essential home security feature, but they should not be the only security devices used. They are resourceful in alerting you, neighbors, and authorities of a security breach. But besides making a loud and piercing noise, they do little to protect your home. If an intruder manages to bypass the alarm, then they can carry out their plans successfully. However, deterring a burglar from breaking in is more effective when your alarm system is complemented by other security devices like a smart doorbell, security cameras, and motion sensors. Read more on the many home security systems at your disposal that you can add around your property.

Using Hardwired Systems

Old home security systems are usually hardwired. That means the alarm keypad, detectors, sensors, camera systems, and other devices are connected by physical wires. Hardwired systems have a weakness where an intruder can cut off the wires and disable the whole home security system. While most companies will use firm cables that are hard to cut, their strength also diminishes when they age. Therefore, update your home security to a wireless system.

Your System is More Than 10 Years

Maybe the security system you are using now was considered state-of-the-art ten years ago, but unfortunately, that is not the case today. A system that old cannot effectively meet the security needs of today’s home. There have been many advancements made in home security, and an old system cannot compete with that. If you want something more reliable, interactive, intuitive, and convenient, you should upgrade to something modern. Even if your system has yet to reach ten years but is not serving you effectively, talk to a security company. They can help you decide on the best way to upgrade your system.

Onsite Monitoring

If you can only access and control your home security system while onsite, consider an upgrade. With criminals getting smarter, you need to use advanced technology. For instance, ensure that you can monitor everything going on at home even when you are away. The same applies to your alarm system. You cannot depend on your neighbors calling the cops every time your alarm goes off, and you are away. Have an alarm monitoring service that is connected to your phone or tablet. It will alert you when an intruder, fire, or any other type of threat is detected. The system also alerts the security company and the proper authorities.

Low-Resolution Cameras

Cameras do a good job of preventing a break in your home. However, older cameras lack clear images, and it can be hard to identify the culprit. If you are using older video cameras, consider replacing them with something modern and of great resolution. When a burglar manages to get away, pursuing legal action will be easy. 

When upgrading your home security system, it may be overwhelming to think of changing the whole thing at once. However, you can upgrade one device at a time till your entire house is secured by a modern home system.

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