5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor at Your Next Appointment

Do you have an instance of brain fog when your doctor asks if you have any questions? Research shows that the longer the visit lasts, the better the patient outcomes are. 

With the limited amount of time you get to spend in the office, there are things you might want to keep in mind. Keep reading to find out the questions to ask your doctor at your next appointment. 

1. Supplement Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Some people take no supplements and may think they get all the nutrients they need from food. Even if you eat a healthy diet, the lands don’t get farmed today as they had in years past. Minerals get stripped away, and pesticides become a part of the food. 

Supplements can fill some of the nutritional gaps you may have. Your doctor can consider any medications you take and interactions supplementing could have. 

2. How Can I Optimize My Sleep?

Sleep should never get taken for granted. Poor sleep can promote higher risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. It also gets linked to high rates of depression. The body heals while we sleep, so we need the right quality and quantity to stay well. 

3. Do I Need Any Lab Work?

Keeping up with your lab work can help you stay focused on your health. If you show any deficiencies, it can give you an idea of what to work on and how you can improve. 

If some of your markers are too high, your doctor can discuss a plan with you. People usually get labs drawn during a yearly checkup.

In the case of illness, labs may get checked to see if you have an infection. If you have thought of visiting the doctor soon and wonder, ” Is there an urgent care near me,” you’re in luck. Finding a doctor easy, and you can go without an appointment. 

4. How Are My Vital Signs?

When going to the doctor, a normal part of the process is getting your vital signs monitored. That consists of getting your blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature checked. 

Your doctor will review those with you and let you know if anything stands out. It helps to ask so that you know what they are and if anything seems too high or low. Even if your vitals are good enough to keep your doctor happy, you may decide to work to get them the way you want. 

5. What Are the Side Effects of My Medicines?

If your family doctor prescribes medications, you should ask about the side effects. All medicines have side effects, and you need to know if you want to put that substance into your body. 

Many people take different medicines and never experience any unwanted effects. You need to know what could happen to weigh the risks and benefits associated with the drug. 

Work With Your Doctor

Your family doctor may know your history, but no one can read your mind. Work with your doctor to stay on top of your health and wellness. 

Knowing questions to ask your doctor will help you stay involved in your healthcare. Check out our other articles for more lifestyle tips and information!

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