5 Outdoor Racket Games You Need to Play in 2021

There are more than 30 recognized racket sports in existence.

Clearly, people have the urge to play sports with a serve and volley. If you don’t consider a racket sport as one of your hobbies, you are missing out.

Among these many games, there is more than likely something that will interest you. You don’t have to be a pro talent either. Many of these games are fun with a minimal learning curve.

So, if you are looking to develop a passion for racket sports, read on to discover five outdoor racket games you need to try in 2021.

1. Tennis

Let’s start with the mother of all racket sports. Tell me you haven’t watched Federer of Djokovic in one of the major tournaments and thought tennis looked like fun.

Well, it is fun. Tennis is a fantastic racket sport that is approachable for all ages. The beauty of tennis is it requires very little equipment to start playing. All you need is a racket and a ball. Most local parks have nice courts that are free to play on.

Just get one ball rally started with your tennis partner, and you’ll be hooked.

2. Pickleball

Though it’s not quite as classic as tennis, pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States.

Pickleball is a racket sport for 2 or 4 players. Though it’s played on a tennis court, the boundaries are smaller.

Furthermore, as opposed to the stringed rackets of tennis, pickleball uses solid paddles. However, pickleball paddles are not simple. There are different paddles for spin, power, control, etc.

Because of the underhand technique, pickleball is easier on the body than tennis.

Grab your friends and try this popular game.

3. Racketball

If the sport you have in mind includes speed, power, ferocity, and great exercise, you will like racketball.

Racketball is played on a 3 or 4 wall court. Fortunately, the parks with tennis courts tend to also have racketball courts nearby.

The game revolves around utilizing the walls in the ball trajectory. It’s a fast-paced, hectic, and fun game.

You don’t have to be a math whiz to play, but knowing your angles will help.

4. Badminton

Badminton is a game that dates back more than 2,000 years to ancient Greece. Though the technology has changed, the game has mostly remained the same.

Badminton is a net-based game played with lightweight rackets and a projectile called a shuttlecock.

A shuttlecock’s conical design provides equal parts speed and loft when hit over the net.

The game is played in a best-of-three format to 15 points.

5. Paddleball

If you don’t want to be bound to a court or net for your outdoor racket sport, no problem.

You might want to try paddle ball. Though it’s a favorite among the backyard games, it has found a true home played on sandy beaches.

All you need to play with are the paddles and the ball. The only rule you need to know is don’t let the ball hit the ground.

Paddleball is the best racket sport for beginners.

Serve up These Racket Games

So, what do you think? Which of these racket games do you have your eye on for 2021? Whichever you choose, you are sure to have a blast.

If you enjoyed this article, keep an eye on our blog for more ideas this year.

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